It is important for students to maintain maximum scholarship, as long as possible. The loan you get from the loan fund should be taken advantage of to the full, since it is one of the most favorable loan available. In order to receive a maximum grant, you must meet certain requirements, the most important thing is that you may not earn more than NOK 100,000 per year.

It no longer matters when the year this happens

money cash

By income here is meant personal income, ie your gross income. Education grants are reduced by 60% of income beyond NOK 100,000. In this case, you will almost certainly not be left with any of the money you earn beyond this level.

Furthermore, there is another limit you have to stick to, and it is the wealth limit of approx. NOK 198,000 in positive wealth, you will receive reduced support from the Loan Fund. For spouses, the limit is approx. 380,000 kroner. The reduction in the basis for support per month is 2%, for spouses in% per month. This is a total of 20% and 10% respectively for a 10-month academic year.

If the support is reduced, this will be converted into a loan

money cash

The rules for granting support are initially clear, but it is still possible to get a separate assessment on an individual basis. If you were wealthy two years ago, but today do not own the needle in the wall, it may seem unreasonable to postpone the studies because you do not receive support from the loan fund.

The decisive factor is what happened to the fortune. If it is redeployed, ie placed in other variants such as housing, the Loan Fund will not give you any special treatment. If, on the other hand, you have used up the money for good, for example for studies, you will be able to receive benefits on an individual basis. What you will receive in support will be assessed at the discretion of the Loan Fund.


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