10 Best Ben Affleck Thriller Movies, According To IMDb

Ben Affleck has a reputation for giving audiences outstanding performances, as seen in his new thriller deep waters, available to stream on Hulu.

His acting and directing is well known and widely respected, but his role in engaging thrillers is some of his best work. Whether Affleck plays the main character or a supporting character with influence, he always manages to put on an outstanding performance. Fast action movies like Accountant or thoughtful mystery stories like State of playthere’s an Affleck movie for every fan.


ten Deep Water (2022) – 5.4

Deep Sea Vic Snail

Ben Affleck’s character in this thriller is a husband who allows his wife to have extramarital affairs in order to avoid a divorce. Things quickly take a dark turn in this film, leading to the investigation into her lovers’ deaths with Vic (Affleck) as the prime suspect.

While Vic isn’t the friendliest deep waters character, he is definitely sinister and mysterious. This film is ideal for fans who appreciate a good dose of mystery and suspense, which makes the viewer wonder if the conclusion is as obvious as it seems.

9 Runner Runner (2013) – 5.6

This story follows a college student, Richie (Justin Timberlake), who flies to Costa Rica to confront the man who owns the online gambling site that Richie lost due to cheating. When the owner, Ivan (Affleck) sees the stats Richie found, he offers him a job at the company.

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This film is thrilling and mysterious, with a truly startling revelation. Anyone who likes to see criminal enterprises in the plot and a good shock factor will appreciate the suspense of companions turned rivals.

8 Change Lanes (2002) – 6.5

Samuel L Jackson grabs Ben Affleck by the coat in traffic at Changing Lanes

In this racy thriller, young lawyer Benek (Affleck) and insurer Gipson (Samuel L. Jackson) both rush through traffic when they collide, resulting in a heated argument and Benek fleeing the scene without arguing. insurance information. With both having disrupted each other’s lives, this traffic incident escalates into an ongoing feud.

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This film has an excellent plot of chance encounters and risky decisions. It’s also a great watch for viewers who love their mystery and suspense, but also appreciate a truly satisfying ending.

7 Smokin’ Aces (2006) – 6.6

It’s one of Ryan Reynold’s best roles, as he plays an FBI agent who must fight off a wave of hitmen trying to assassinate a man who has to testify against the mob. Affleck plays a more minor role as bail bondsman, though his character is still intriguing and imperative to the storyline.

This film is ideal for audiences who like lots of action and crime in their thrillers. However, there is also a good dose of comedy that keeps the audience laughing as they wait for the next plot twist.

6 Boiler room (2000) – 7.0

Boiler room

College dropout Seth (Giovanni Ribisi) gets a job at an investment firm, believing he’s been put on the fast track to success. However, things are not what they seem at this dream gig.

Affleck plays one of the co-founders of this sleazy business. While this is another film in which Affleck isn’t a major player, his portrayal of this character plays a key role in leading Seth down the difficult path he’s on. Overall, this movie has a great script and great acting.

5 State of play (2009) – 7.1

State of play by Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck.

Congressman Collins (Affleck) becomes the center of his old friend-turned-journalist’s story when his research assistant (and mistress) is murdered. As journalist Cal McAffrey (Russell Crowe) deepens the investigation, reputations and friendships are threatened.

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This crime thriller has an all-star cast and an intensely intriguing storyline. Audiences who appreciate current affairs-oriented films will appreciate this film and the intense investigation into politics and murder. Anyone who enjoys seeing drama thrown into their suspense will be captivated by this diverse story.

4 The Accountant (2016) – 7.3

Christian Wolff (Affleck) is a mathematical scholar who deals with dangerous criminal enterprises. When he begins to unravel discrepancies worth millions of dollars, a thrilling, action-packed plot ensues as bodies begin to fall.

Accountant is one of Affleck’s best films, although it wasn’t too well received by critics. Audiences loved this film and thought it was one of their best, as its portrayal of the complex and interesting character took viewers on an exhilarating journey. Its immaculate performance and diverse plot are guaranteed to keep people on the edge of their seat until the very end.

3 The City (2010) – 7.5

Thieves in nun costumes ride in a jeep in the city.

Doug (Affleck) leads a gang of bank robbers until he seeks out a possible witness to one of their crimes and becomes romantically involved with her, eventually deciding he wants out of the criminal lifestyle.

Fans and critics absolutely adored this crime thriller and praised Affleck for his role. Audiences love to know little things about the movie, such as behind-the-scenes facts like Affleck interviewing locals and FBI agents for research. Audiences who enjoy heist movies to delve deeper into the psychology and lives of these criminals will love The city.

2 Argo (2012) – 7.7

Affleck and Cranston in Argo

With six Americans in hiding to avoid execution in Tehran in 1979, the US government sends in extractor Tony Mendez (Affleck) to bring them out. Mendez plays the role of a film producer and trains the refugees to act as his team.

Affleck captures audiences not only with his stellar acting performance, but also with his top-notch directing skills for this movie. Although the film is largely fictional, historians appreciate its focus on the real events that took place in Tehran with 66 American hostages at that time. Although the main plot is imagined, it is compelling and intense.

1 Gone Girl (2014) – 8.1

Dark interior scene in Gone Girl

A seemingly idyllic couple, Nick (Affleck) and Amy (Rosamund Pike) Dunne become the center of a media frenzy when Amy mysteriously disappears. As secrets are revealed and tension ensues, Nick becomes the prime suspect in his wife’s disappearance.

Fans and critics adored this film, the memorable performances and the plot full of tension and mystery. Audiences who love a thriller that unfolds in a shocking revelation of secrets and a maze-like plot are both captivated and stunned by the ending.

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