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No one wants to feel helpless. Even when watching movies, people aren’t always a fan of being scared and pushed to their emotional limits. This is mainly why a lot of them shy away from horror movies.

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While it’s true that horror has a monopoly on bloody fears and suspense, filmmakers and risk takers can find their excitement elsewhere without the fear of monsters, gratuitous gore, and violence. There is always something to watch in the large and diverse thriller genre.

ten Kalifornia (1993): Pluto TV

that of Dominique Sena Kalifornia was not a financial success as it raked in a meager $ 2.4 million against a budget of $ 8 million. However, the early ’90s thriller helped position Brad Pitt as a serious actor; Juliette Lewis is also notable as an equally colorful partner in crime. David Duchovny and Michelle Forbes are eclipsed by their co-stars, but they complement them nonetheless.

This road trip film sees the character of Duchovny, a graduate student studying serial killers, having a close look at what he consumed when he and his girlfriend (Forbes) carpool with the characters of Pitt and Lewis in California. There is something wrong with their fellow travelers, but the protagonists don’t find out until too late.

9 Blue Ruin (2013): Tubi

Revenge is a common theme in thrillers. Revenge appears in dark places; often because of trauma, people would rather forget, if they could. Yet a movie like Blue ruin shows that the reward has no expiration date. This crowd-funded film is directed by Jeremy Saulnier, who has seen more mainstream success with Green room several years later.

In Blue ruin, a man takes it upon himself to avenge the murder of his parents by tracking down their killer after learning he was going to be released from prison. Violence breeds violence, because now the main character has inadvertently put a target on his head.

8 The Night of the Hunter (1955): Tubi

Robert Mitchum in The Night of the Hunter

The slasher movie didn’t come with its tropes and lore overnight. There is a considerable list of films that have helped inspire the popular horror subgenre. Charles Laughton’s 1955 masterpiece the hunter’s night is just one of those cinematic muses of old Hollywood. It might not be overtly horror, but looking it’s easy to see where the slasher filmmakers got their ideas from.

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Robert Mitchum plays an imprisoned Reverend who learns of his cellmate’s hidden fortune. Once out of prison, the man with the sheet searches for the loot. However, he is guarded by the children of his former cellmate, who will put high stakes to keep him safe.

7 Super Dark Times (2013): Tubi

High school can feel like a war zone where the only way for teenagers to survive is to have a best friend who will stick by their side no matter what. It’s the case for Super dark times‘protagonists Zach and Josh, who aren’t exactly popular, but that doesn’t really matter as long as they’re together. Things change, however, when a terrible accident leads to a cover-up that eats away at Zach. The person he thought he could count on forever is not himself – or worse, who he always has been.

Super dark times is almost too apt a name for this horrific coming-of-age thriller. The performances are genuine, and the violence is bound to be shocking. It’s a movie that people will find it hard not to think about even after the end.

6 Running Afraid (2006): Tubi

The late Paul Walker starred in this highly underrated and concussive action thriller. He and his co-star Vera Farmiga are taking their roles out of the park. that of Wayne Kramer Run in fear didn’t do very well at the box office, but looking back people are turning to this frenzied gem.

Walker plays a cop whose gun has gone missing; he knows exactly where he is, however. The neighbor’s child used it to commit a crime and is now on the run. As the characters of Walker and Farmiga each individually search for the child before the police reach and gun him first, they come across an assortment of unsavory criminals.

5 Mother’s Day (2012): Tubi

Mother's Day (2012)

Darren Lynn Bousman’s semi-remake of the 1980 movie Troma Mothers’ Day premiered in 2010 at Fantastic Fest before being distributed two years later. The wait was worth it because this home invasion thriller is surprisingly good. It is also surprisingly not talked about enough despite the fact that it is so captivating. Rebecca De Mornay is an absolute force to be reckoned with here.

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In this Mothers’ Day, three brothers, also criminals, take the inhabitants of their seized childhood home hostage. They summon their mother to come and handle the situation in her own way.

4 Them (2006): Vudu

David Moreau and Xavier Palud Them (initially They) falls between the horror and thriller categories, but there is still some overlap with these two genres. While the French horror of the 2000s is often characterized by its undue violence, Them is relatively sparse with respect to this element. Rather, it relies more on building mood and anxiety.

One night, a couple hears a strange noise outside their isolated house in Romania. It was then that a pack of hooded intruders broke in and terrorized them.

3 Tightrope walker (1984): Tubi

Clint Eastwood in Tightrope

Located in New Orleans, Tightrope is both a compelling character study and a gripping serial killer thriller. This Clint Eastwood flick isn’t always brought up when discussing the veteran actor’s performance, but it’s not because he doesn’t deliver. Quite the contrary, Eastwood shines in this ambitious crime drama.

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As Eastwood’s detective character tracks down a serial killer who prey on sex workers in New Orleans’ French Quarter, he must face his own inner demons.

2 The Guest (2014): Tubi

Dan Stevens in The Guest

that of Adam Wingard The guest changed Dan Stevens’ career for the better; in return, Stevens gives one of his finest performances to date. This haunting action mystery thriller is essentially a non-comedic adaptation of the origin story of Marvel’s Weapon X. It is set around Halloween for even more effect.

A family is surprised to meet one of their late son’s army comrades (Stevens). As they allow her to stay with them in the meantime, each member of the family falls under her charismatic spell. They don’t know their guest has a deep, dark secret who can’t wait to go out with the right trigger.

1 Bacurau (2019): Kanopy

Brazilian horror movie Bacurau 2020

Viewers will need a university ID or public library card to use the free Kanopy service. That caveat aside, however, the effort is worth seeing as Bacurau is a buried treasure that needs more attention. The critically acclaimed film won accolades at the Cannes Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival.

The film looks like a western, except that it takes place in a very small town in rural Brazil. As a woman returns home for a funeral, her people are arrested by foreign mercenaries. To their surprise, however, the enemies did not expect their victims to retaliate.

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