10 Movies Where You Solve The Mystery Alongside The Characters

deep waters was released on March 18 and kept fans guessing throughout its 2 hour and 33 minute runtime, with viewers trying to figure out where Melinda’s love affairs disappeared to. The film saw many fans become sleuths and delve into Melinda and Vic’s life in search of clues, prompting many fans to search for films that encourage fans to solve the mystery alongside the characters. .

From old-school murder mysteries to dark comedy horror films that take Groundhog Day to new levels, here are 10 movies that encourage viewers to become detectives and help the main characters solve the mystery.


ten Old (2021)

old movie 2021

Old is one of the most unusual thrillers to date, with M. Night Shyamalan proving his uniqueness as a director and re-establishing his massive fan base. The film uses its space to instill fear and encourages viewers to raise suspicion about each character, especially as they begin to die one by one.

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The film places viewers on the beach alongside the characters and allows them to determine what connects each character to the beach, including why death seems to follow them. The thriller not only provided viewers with a unique plot, but also made fans root for the characters and seek an answer as to what or who put them there, making it a film that sparked the conversation.

9 A Simple Favor (2018)

A simple favor

A simple favor is a fantastic mystery film whose theme is infidelity and which has become a staple of the thriller genre. Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick stoke an unlikely friendship that soon becomes an enigma for Stephanie and her fans who seek to understand why Emily wants to remain invisible and where she is.

The film offered fans a suave, yet somewhat chilling dark comedy, and ultimately kept viewers guessing Emily’s story. A simple favor encouraged fans to work alongside Stephanie, and every clue allowed them to come to their own conclusions about how it would end, with two female leads, the film is in some ways a feminist film that proved that women can be enigmatic, cunning and funny.

8 Happy Death Day (2017)

A scared woman holding a hammer and a man with a doll mask standing behind her in the doorway

happy day of the dead take groundhog day to a new level in this unusual horror thriller that turns out to be quite the dark comedy. The film’s unusual time loop was a new concept for the horror genre and made the thriller even more interesting for fans as it replaced the outdated narrative of women always becoming the victim.

Its structure encouraged fans to team up with Theresa whenever she found herself in another loop to search for clues and eventually help her piece together those hidden clues to discover her attacker, which gave the viewer more satisfaction than it wouldn’t with the typical thriller. .

7 Death on the Nile (2022)

death on the hammer of the nile army

While many Agatha Christie novels are still waiting to receive a film adaptation, Death on the Nile is the most recent to hit screens. The film took a familiar vintage vibe to Murder on the Orient Express and perfectly captured the essence of Agatha Christie’s novels through its twists and sleek, sophisticated characters that fans can’t help but be wary of.

Death on the Nile adopts the old-school charm often seen in Agatha Christie adaptations, placing the characters aboard a boat that creates the fear of being ensnared with a murderer. The whodunit plot encourages viewers to analyze all the characters overseas, their motivations and whether or not they are to be feared, this is the perfect film for a murder mystery movie night.

6 Nonstop (2014)

With Liam Neeson as the U.S. Air Marshal, Nonstop is an action-packed thriller that immerses viewers in a sense of the unknown, and its claustrophobic setting only heightens the suspense felt by viewers as they desperately try to figure out who’s responsible before time runs out. .

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Each passenger is suspected by both Bill and the viewers, with many fans looking to reveal who the hidden threat is. Through cleverly directed scenes, the film leverages its setting and builds tension by increasing viewers’ ability to search for small clues to who he might be, making it a great film that includes fans in resolving the crime.

5 Research (2018)

Research is one of the best ‘missing people’ movies to watch as it reinvents the way viewers were used to seeing this kind of movie play out by shooting the whole movie through the electronic screen owned by David Kim which desperately tried to gather information regarding his daughter.

He created a story that got viewers’ blood pumping with his fast-paced detective tone that allowed viewers to be a voyeur in Margot’s disappearance. Research gave viewers access to digital files that would help them solve the case alongside David, making it a refreshing and innovative exploration of the role of technology in missing persons cases.

4 Escape Room (2019)

Ben and Zoey in Escape Room: Contest of Champions

With escape rooms becoming so popular, Adam Robitel sought to create an on-screen version that entices fans to play, and that’s exactly what escape room did. The movie brought to life the idea of ​​being trapped alongside a group of strangers with a limited time to solve the puzzle in an effort to escape, but it wasn’t just your usual puzzles but rather a game of life and death.

Each room had an array of hidden deadly traps and cleverly put together puzzles that left fans in a frenzy as they also tried to solve the riddle while rooting for the characters to survive. escape room surprised fans with its clever plot and series of twists that left many fans racing as they tried to decipher each piece and the answer to survival.

3 Game Night (2018)

Annie looks frustrated on Game Night

game night focused on the rise of game night and created an offbeat action-comedy where the main characters find themselves thrust into a chaotic night of games. The film kept viewers guessing what was real and what was comedy, which led to its popularity, especially as fans were invited to join the couple on the nightly getaways.

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The movie made many fans believe it was a parody, but instead provided them with a well-written action flick that had them laughing, gasping, and resolving all at the same time. Through clever camerawork, the film made viewers feel like they were actually in the movie and allowed them to find answers about how the game night had turned into much more than an evening of socializing.

2 Murder Mystery (2019)

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery is a dark whodunit every murder mystery fan must see, the film combines comedy and drama in an effort to provide fans with a hilarious yet interesting plot that defies the general conventions of the typical whodunnit. The clever pairing of Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler saw them try to exculpate themselves by becoming the detectives themselves.

The comic tone of Murder Mystery plays into the charm of older whodunits while giving fans a place to solve the mystery alongside the married couple. The film might be a comedy, but it’s certainly action-packed and even had a solid plot twist that fans particularly appreciated, especially those who were smart enough to see it coming.

1 At Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out Daniel Craig explaining the crime

Knives Out provided viewers with an old-school thriller, similar to Clue, where viewers were asked to work alongside Detective Benoit Blanc and Marta as they attempted to piece together who killed Harlan. The film’s sepia tone, alongside its star-studded cast, captivated fans from the start and placed them right into the mystery, making for a somewhat interactive watch.

The movie was such a hit that fans are actively waiting for the release of Knives Out 2and in terms of whodunit, he did a great job. Knives out releases clues to its viewers, encouraging them to connect the dots alongside the characters. Its old-school vibe, interesting cinematography, and incredible plot twist had some fans celebrating that they’d found the killer and others impressed with how the mystery of Harlan’s death was revealed through its satisfying ending.

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