10 Murder Mystery Shows To Watch If You Like Sinner

Harry Ambrose has solved his last murder. The fisherman, the American mystery anthology series “whydunit” about the detective played by Bill Pullman and his confusing cases, was canceled in 2021 after four seasons. It’s still available to stream on Netflix, however, and the service will get Season 4 later this year. If you like The fisherman and miss its dark mysteries, we have other recommendations for shows with a similar vibe.

Every season on The fisherman, det. Ambrose tries to solve a case in which he knows who committed the crime, but not why the person did it. Ambrose is a psychologically wounded man who has suffered a great deal in his life, and the crimes he investigates all have a component that reminds him of something he must deal with from his own past. In Season 1, for example, Ambrose investigates the case of Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel, executive producer of the series), a mild-mannered mother who stabs a man to death on a beach in a seemingly random act of violence, but which Ambrose is able to deduce that she is hiding traumatic childhood secrets that explain why she did what she did, as he had an equally difficult upbringing.

If you want to The fisherman getting canceled was a sin, here are some other great mystery shows to watch to help you feel better. They all have something in common with The fishermanlike a Whydunit structure and/or a troubled investigator at the center of the story, or even a former cast member doing a new show with an eerily similar premise.

Jessica Biel, Candy


Jessica Biel has a very specific role she enjoys playing: an ordinary-looking housewife who brutally kills someone under bizarre circumstances. In this Hulu limited series which she is also producing, she plays Candy Montgomery, a Texas housewife who killed her best friend Betty Gore (Melanie Lynskey), supposedly in self-defense, in 1980. The series delves into her psychological state as she tries to figure out why she did it. Sounds familiar, right? Candy is less of a mystery and more of a character drama, and is based on a true crime story instead of a novel, but this setup is so similar to The fisherman that’s a little weird. It’s like Jessica Biel classifying herself. We’re not complaining, though; we thoroughly enjoy the “Jessica Biel is a killer” genre.

the stranger

Ben Mendelsohn and Cynthia Erivo, The Outsiders

Ben Mendelsohn and Cynthia Erivo, the stranger

Bob Mahoney/HBO

This Stephen King adaptation ran for a single season on HBO in early 2020 and features a Why with a supernatural angle that gradually turns it into a whodunit, then into a true Stephen King-esque human versus monster showdown. Ben Mendelsohn plays Ralph Anderson, this interpretation of the troubled detective, a grieving father who investigates a very strange child murder. There is incriminating evidence that the murder was committed by his son’s former Little League coach (Jason Bateman, who also produces and directs), but equally strong evidence puts him in a different state at the time of the murder. . And then, as others connected to the case begin to die, Anderson must accept that something paranormal is brewing, which leads him to enlist Holly Gibney (Cyntha Erivo), a brilliant private detective with the abilities of clairvoyance limits. If you like supernatural stuff around the margins of The fishermanthen you will enjoy it the strangerwhich is marinated there.

More recommendations:

Jeff Daniels, American Rust

Jeff Daniels, american rust

Dennis Mong/SHOWTIME

Similar to The fishermanThis is a show about a troubled middle-aged cop who finds himself personally involved in a murder case in his small rural town (on The fishermancities are in upstate New York and Maine, while american rust takes place in western Pennsylvania). Jeff Daniels stars as Del Harris, the police chief of the opioid-ridden town of Buell, who investigates a murder allegedly committed by Billy Poe (Alex Neustaedter), the son of the woman Harris loves. Grace Poe (Maura Tierney), who compromises her integrity. Daniels and Tierney’s masterful acting elevates a pretty standard mystery. It was canceled after one season, but the single season is pretty well contained, so you can just consider it a limited series.

Easttown Mare

Kate Winslet, Easttown mare

Kate Winslet, Easttown Mare

Michele K. Short/HBO

If a gripping crime show is what you want, a gripping crime show is what you’ll get with Easttown Mare. A little like The fishermanit follows a weary detective working to solve a murder case, but Mare is most interesting for the way it plays with the genre’s worn tropes. It follows the titular Mare (Kate Winslet), yet another small-town Pennsylvania detective, this time from the upstate of Philadelphia, as she investigates the murder of a local teenage girl while simultaneously dealing with his own deep-seated trauma. It’s cool to see a woman take on the role of a dodgy cop, and it helps that the mystery at the center of the series is so twisty and thrilling, ultimately culminating in a finale that directly connects its main cast of characters to the murder of a incredibly scary way. . It also contains a scene where Jean Smart plays Fruit Ninja on an iPad. Mare is truly the show that has it all. –Allison Picurro

Alias ​​Grace

Sarah Gadon, AKA Grace

Sarah Gadon, Alias ​​Grace

Jan Thijs/Netflix

by Netflix Alias ​​Grace flew under the radar compared to that other Margaret Atwood adaptation, but it’s a stunner. The harrowing six-episode miniseries, based on the story of a 19th-century real-life killer, stars Sarah Gadon as Grace Marks, a housekeeper famous for committing a murder she doesn’t remember not. fans of The fisherman will recognize part of Jessica Biel’s troubled Cora in Grace, who spends the series telling her possibly unreliable story to a psychiatrist sent to judge her sanity. Gadon is electric, and the talent behind the scenes makes Alias ​​Grace Sing: It’s written by actress-turned-filmmaker Sarah Polley and directed by American psychois Mary Harron, who creates a sense of simmering pressure that leaves Grace with nowhere to run. –Kelly Connolly


Grzegorz Damiecki, The Woods

Grzegorz Damiecki, Woods

Krzysztof Wiktor/Netflix

This Polish series is an adaptation of a novel by Harlan Coben, whose popular mystery thrillers have served as the basis for a number of Netflix shows. Like The Sinner, he dabbles in the same troubled waters of crime and secrets, oh so many secrets! In Woods, a man searches for answers about his sister’s disappearance 25 years earlier, when four teenagers went into the woods and never came out, hoping she’s alive even as bodies and new evidence are removed . If the things you love about The fisherman are the unpredictable twists and dark tone, check this one out. –Tim Surette

Mr Mercedes

Brendan Gleeson, Mr. Mercedes

Brendan Gleeson, Mr Mercedes


Stephen King experts will say this is one of the best television adaptations of his work, even though hardly anyone saw it because it was an original series hidden on the AT&T public network. But the resemblance to The fisherman is here: they’re both adapted from books, they both have sinister villains and chilling cases, and each has a lead who’s a hard-nosed, grizzled detective with a salt-and-pepper beard. The man on the hunt in this series is retired detective Bill Hodges (Brendan Gleeson), whose story begins when a man rams his Mercedes into a crowd, killing 16 people. Soon, Hodges finds himself in a game of cat and mouse with a twist. psychopath named Brady Hartsfield (Harry Treadaway). Contrary to The fishermanthere’s more than one serialized story across the seasons – though each season certainly has a unique flavor – and King’s love of the supernatural comes into play in a wild way in Season 2. –Tim Surette

upper town

Monica Raymund, Hightown

Monica Raymond, upper town


Single frame? To verify. Cops with serious problems who are investigating very personally? To verify. A new murder case every season? Check and recheck. chicago fire Veteran Monica Raymund stars as Jackie Quiñones, a police officer (formerly a Marine Fisheries Services officer) in Provincetown, Mass., a resort town with a dangerous drug problem among the residents (Jackie is an alcoholic and drug addict herself) . When a young woman is murdered and Jackie finds her body, she begins to work with the equally troubled Ray Abruzzo (James Badge Dale) on the case. They try to solve the case while dealing with their own personal demons. upper town emphasizes its crime drama elements more than The fishermanbut the shows have a strong thematic overlap.

The fall

Gillian Anderson, The Fall

Gillian Anderson, The fall

Stefan Hill/BBC

The mystery of The fisherman concern less who did it and more on Why. Identifying the killer is only the beginning of uncovering each other’s dark secrets. If you’re looking for another detective series that jumps just beyond the whodunit angle and points directly at the villain, check out The fall, a tense game of cat and mouse between a cool female investigator and the violent serial killer who insinuates himself under her skin. Gillian Anderson stars as Stella Gibson, an English detective superintendent brought to Northern Ireland to help with a case; Jamie Dornan plays his prey, Paul Spector, a married father who leads a double life murdering young women in Belfast. The story winds down as it goes, but at its climax it’s a thrill: a bloody, confusing game of chess that also shows how most misogynistic serial killers are just annoying freaks. . It’s Gibson who leads the show, subtly rewriting the rules for enigmatic detectives on television. –Kelly Connolly


Hanna Ardéhn, Shifting Sands

Hanna Ardehn, Quicksands

Johan Paulin/Netflix

The best part of The fisherman is its goal to explore the psychology of why someone did what they did. Another show that makes the pattern the mystery is Quicksandsa Swedish limited series about a teenage girl named Maja (Hanna Ardéhn) who is charged with murder for her role in a school shooting. Quicksands tells the story of how this seemingly normal youngster ended up in whatever trouble he finds himself in, like The fisherman done with Cora Tannetti and Julian Walker (Elisha Henig) from Season 2. There’s even a slightly odd detective working on her case, Detective Jeanette Nilsson (Rebecka Hemse). The fishermanThe cold tone of is influenced by Nordic black, so fans should feel right at home with Quicksands.

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