10 Suspense Movies So Intricate You’ll Need To Take Notes

The planned release of Knives Out 2 let many viewers rewatch the popular mystery film Knives out as they seek out slightly darker films to stimulate their brains and give them a thrill that will cure their burning excitement. Knives out was a compelling murder mystery with twists, and the sequel could potentially provide more, maybe even raise questions instead of answering them.

Knives out was perhaps a mystery, but many fans are looking for more thrillers that raise similar complex questions, especially after the successful releases of The weekend and deep waters. These thriller films are guaranteed to leave viewers with as many questions as Knives out.


ten Old (2021)

old movie 2021

old was a welcome addition to the M.Night Shyamalan universe and put fans right in the middle of the action with his use of forced proximity on a secluded beach that felt like a dream but haunted fans like a nightmare. The film’s use of an enclosed space creates a sense of claustrophobicness that was intensified by the lack of a phone signal, medical help, and character exits.

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With the death of each character, viewers had to figure out what the hidden connection was between each beachgoer and who was going to be next to fall victim to the curse of the beach. The continued threat of death and disease led many fans to try to connect the dots and work out what point the movie was trying to make, ultimately resulting in a satisfying plot that some smart fans had nearly ironed out.

9 We (2019)

Young Adelaide oblivious to the horror behind her.

Jordan Peele has a reputation for creating horror movies that have a unique premise, and We is another film that defies the usual thriller that viewers see in theaters. This idiosyncratic movie plays on the typical family structure using the idea of ​​lookalikes in red jumpsuits to present fans with a complex and cleverly executed plot.

The film’s employment of doppelgangers encourages viewers to keep a watchful eye as many scenes see their counterparts being attacked by their doppelgangers, but We proves he excels at past predictable gimmicks. It continually throws viewers into the unknown as they try to grasp Adelaide’s connection to the little girl in the funhouse. Its complex nature prompted many questions about the significance of the red jumpsuit as they also attempted to map out the small indifferences between the Wilson family and their lookalikes.

8 Fight Club (1999)

Edward Norton in Fight Club

The first rule of fight club is not to talk about fight club, but after the film was released in 1999, that was all viewers could do. This drama-thriller follows Tyler as he searches for something new and exciting away from the corporate work that sucks his life, but his need for action soon becomes much more.

The film is an enigma in itself, with its symbolic references to capitalism that the spectator is invited to interpret in his own way. fight clubThe narrative of is almost a dual structure that constantly hints at a dreamlike plot, blurring the lines between what is real and what isn’t. The final twist contained a powerful message about power and greed, which only had a full impact on fans once they understood the true meaning of fight club and what we can learn from it.

seven Split (2016)

Divide contains one of the best cinematic plot twists of the past decade and ultimately satisfies viewers who have become invested in Casey’s desire to escape his captor. This mind-bending thriller offers viewers a unique story where three teenagers are held hostage by Kevin who suffered from dissociative identity disorder.

Due to the character development of Kevin playing such a big role in the film, some viewers created their own character reference forms to map each of his characters’ traits. While Kevin’s appearance often changes to fit the criteria of the person he has become, there are many moments in the film where viewers have to refer to their ratings in an attempt to figure out which side of Kevin they see. currently and essentially what he is capable of. Manufacturing Divide one of the most complex thrillers to date.

6 American Psycho (2000)

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho 2000

American psycho is considered a favorite among moviegoers due to its intricately written script, Christian Bale’s stellar performance, and its ability to leave fans with a series of unanswered questions. Patrick Bateman appears to be a well-rounded worker, but his sharp image is quickly replaced when he reveals his true self (or so fans think).

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At first, it seems like the movie follows a typical thriller structure, but in the final scenes, American psycho becomes one of the most complicated movies to understand due to its enigmatic ending which sparked a lot of conversations. The film’s plot twist was so confusing that many fans saw it multiple times with a notebook in hand as they tried to uncover clues as to whether Patrick’s killings were real.

5 Research (2018)

Searching for Margot

Research is a film that attracts its viewers with unique gimmicks that challenge the typical thriller that viewers are used to seeing. The film follows David through his computer screen as he desperately searches for information on the disappearance of his daughter Margot.

The film’s digital format allows viewers to get a glimpse of Margot’s social media use and encourages them to come to their own conclusions based on the online clues they find. ResearchThe unusual film style of added a unique element that heightened the film’s twists by highlighting how easy it is to hide things online, adding a complex component that evolved for fans to have their own dashboard. detective littered with clues.

4 The Girl on the Train (2016)

The girl on the train is another highly successful book-movie adaptation that proved to be just as chilling on screen as it was on the page. The film tells the story of Rachel, who falls in love with a couple she meets every morning on her daily commute, but soon finds herself wrapped up in a missing person case.

The film deals with many serious subjects, including alcoholism which makes viewers question the validity of Rachel. By employing an unreliable narrator, the thriller plays with viewers’ ability to uncover the truth amid Rachel’s power outages and gaslighting, leading many viewers to create their own stories. details of each character’s whereabouts and flaws.

3 Missing Girl (2014)

missing girl made waves after the disappearance of Amy Dunne, who happens to be one of the best femme fatales on screen. The film sends viewers through a series of twists and turns as they watch Amy’s original plan unfold when her “adoring” husband becomes the media villain.

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The fiery film encouraged viewers to follow along by taking notes on every suspicion that arose, as well as every act Amy did to tarnish Nick’s image of a “worried” husband. The film’s twists and turns were endless, making it a truly great thriller that saw viewers become attached to each character, while trying to follow the intricacies of the film’s plot.

2 Shutter Island (2010)

There are a lot of questions fans keep asking about shutter island even today, with the film considered one of the most enigmatic in the history of cinema. shutter island draws in offbeat fans by being a master of suspense and creating a mystery around why the pair were sent to the remote island to investigate a disappearance.

shutter islandThe Last Curve Ball has become one of the most talked about movie endings to date, leading many to rewatch this twisty thriller to identify hidden clues that could possibly help them understand the convoluted final twist. of the movie.

1 Remembrance (2000)


Memento was a smart addition to the movie world and has long reigned to be a favorite among thriller fans. The mind-bending film follows Leonard as he tries to track down his wife’s would-be killer as he suffers from amnesia. By employing an unreliable narrative, Memento cleverly invites fans to work alongside Leonard and take notes on his behalf.

However, viewers found that the complex nature of the film also forced them to take their own notes to understand its non-linear structure. Memento essentially begins at the very end of Leonard’s story and therefore tells the story backwards, forcing fans to watch it more than once to understand its complex yet intriguing time structure.

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