10 Suspense Movies That Nailed Their Final Scene

2022 offers exciting thrillers to watch such as The black phone and High-speed trainand fans of the genre always look forward to those jaw-dropping twists so typical of thrillers.

Not all movies in the genre need a huge reveal at the end to shock audiences, sometimes a gripping final sequence is just what an ending needs to be compelling. However, whether through shock or dramatic twists, some thrillers will always be remembered for their memorable closing scenes, which can often feel like a punch or satisfying resolution.

Prisoners (2013)

Hugh Jackman looks angry in Prisoners

In this slow-burning thriller, Hugh Jackman plays a desperate father, Keller, in search of his missing daughter, who frustrated by police efforts decides to seek justice on his own. Contrasting Keller’s reckless actions and Detective Loki’s complex police investigation, the film evolves into a shocking twist.


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As the father manages to find out who kidnapped his daughter in front of the police, he also finds himself trapped by the attacker, who imprisons him in a hidden pit, where Keller finds his daughter’s whistle. Prisoners ends with Detective Loki inspecting this yard after the mugger is killed and the missing children are found, as he faintly hears Keller whistle.

Fight Club (1999)

Edward Norton in Fight Club

fight club is a film that takes place primarily in the mind of one character and is one of the most watchable thrillers of the 90s. In the film, the narrator is an insomniac office worker who meets Tyler, a careless soap maker. Together they form an underground fight club that quickly evolves into something far more dangerous.

Besides the incredible twist that the two characters are actually the same person, things escalate into pure chaos in the film’s final moments. Even though the narrator manages to reconcile with his lover and “kill” Tyler’s twisted personality by shooting himself in the head, the couple watches as the buildings in front of them crumble in an explosion, as Tyler’s plan is inevitably executed.

Burn (2018)

Yoo ah-in and Steven Yeun talk in Burning (2018)

Burning often feels like heavy drama, but right from the start there’s a haunting atmosphere that something bad is about to happen. This South Korean film follows Jong-su, who comes across Hae-mi, a girl who used to live in the same neighborhood, and asks her to take care of her cat while on a trip to Africa. When Hae-mi returns, she becomes involved with a mysterious guy she met there, Ben, who confesses to a peculiar hobby.

Hae-mi’s sudden disappearance completely changes the tone of the film, as Jong-su’s suspicion of Ben becomes an obsession that leads to an ambush: Jong-su tricks Ben into meeting him in the abandoned countryside and stabs him multiple times. , getting rid of his body and his car. The fact that Jong-su is such an unreliable character makes these final moments as heartbreaking as they are shocking.

Fallen (1998)

Denzel Washington in the lead role of the movie Fallen

The Rolling Stones will never sound the same after Fallen, a supernatural thriller starring Denzel Washington, who plays John, a detective investigating a series of murders that follows the same style of a serial killer whom John witnessed die in a condemned execution. What begins as an ordinary crime tale quickly turns into something darker, revealing a supernatural antagonist named Azazel who can possess people by touch.

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In a game of cat and mouse, John goes through hell to try to stop this demonic force. In a last ditch effort by the detective, he sacrifices himself to leave Azazel without a host, and he apparently succeeds. However, Azazel suddenly breaks the fourth wall and mocks the audience for thinking he was lost, as a possessed cat emerges from the cabin.

I Saw the Devil (2010)

I saw the devil's end

I saw the devil is a brutal thriller that often pushes the boundaries of screen violence. The brutal film follows a secret agent, Kim, who loses his wife to the infamous serial killer Kyung-chul, and decides to pursue the killer even if it means he has to become a monster himself. In a series of catches and releases, the agent plays with his prey and tragedy accumulates.

Understanding Kim’s evil game, Kyung-chul gains the upper hand by getting rid of a transmitter and pursuing his other loved ones. When Kim finally gets his revenge by torturing the killer and leaving him to die in front of his family, he also looks back on everything that led up to this moment, including the loss of his humanity and other innocent lives. The moving final scene shows Kim completely breaking down and crying as he walks away from the crime scene.

Vertigo (1958)

Judy/Madeline in Vertigo

vertigo is a Hitchcock masterpiece that still holds up today with its incredible narrative twists and lingering tension from start to finish. It follows a retired detective with acrophobia hired to investigate the strange activities of an old friend’s wife, while becoming dangerously obsessed with her.

In Vertigo, viewers follow only fragments of reality as the truth unfolds, only to be covered up once again. The protagonist finds himself caught in the middle of a scheme, but above all he ends up falling in love with someone’s image, someone who will once again lift him to the heights to face his deepest fear, as the narrative comes full circle in a heartbreaking yet thrilling conclusion.

Memories of Murder (2003)

Song Kang-ho Kim Sang-kyung Murder Memories

This devastating crime thriller directed by Bong Joon-ho is based on the true story of South Korea’s first serial killer. In a small Korean province in 1986, two detectives grapple with a case of several young women found raped and murdered by an unknown killer. The film shows how the local police were unprepared in terms of technology and leadership, which led to the case remaining unsolved for decades.

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In the last moments of memories of murder, one of the detectives looks back at the first crime scene almost 20 years later, as a little girl tells him that the place was also recently visited by a stranger who revealed he remembered something. something he had done there a long time ago. The girl tells the detective that he looked like an “ordinary man”, which reflects the haunting reality of the unsolved case.

Se7en (1995)

David and William standing in a field at Se7en.

Another David Fincher masterpiece, Se7fr follows two homicide detectives, Mills and Somerset, on a desperate search for a serial killer whose crimes are based on the “seven deadly sins”. Not only is the premise convincingly dark and tense in a way that leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, but the characters are also extremely nuanced and well-written.

The last 10 minutes of Se7en are pure cinema, but the very end really sticks with the viewer. Face to face with serial killer, John Doe, the two detectives discover a terrifying truth: the last two sins are about to happen there, as the killer represents the sin of envy and Mills the sin of wrath so that he repeatedly shoots Doe. after learning that he killed his pregnant wife. The film ends with the arrest of Mills and the melancholy words of Somerset.

Uncut Gems (2019)

Adam Sandler as Howard Ratner in Uncut Gems

Uncut Gems is an anxiety-provoking thriller with an almost uninterrupted narrative where everything seems to go wrong, as viewers follow Adam Sandler’s character, Howard, a charismatic but unreliable jeweler trying strenuously to put his family and business back together as debts mount and opponents close in on him.

Adam Sandler’s award-winning performance carries this chaotic narrative incredibly, as every risky choice and reckless action Howard has made in recent days leads to momentary triumph before he is fatally shot by the people he pissed off. Uncut Gems is the kind of film capable of leaving anyone stressed no matter the circumstances.

The Disappearance (1988)

Rex holds a photo in The Vanishing

Disappearance (Where Spoorloos) is a Dutch thriller with a hopeless message to deliver to the world. In the film, Rex and Saskia are enjoying a vacation in France when, stopping at a gas station, Saskia disappears. The film’s narrative is conducted in an unconventional way, showing viewers the perpetrator from the start, though the audience and Rex won’t find out what he did until the very end.

The shocking final scene is delivered in such a disturbing way that the rest of the film feels entirely like a build-up, which is a good thing because the payoff is priceless. After years of trying to figure out what happened to his wife, Rex is contacted by the perpetrator, as he promises to reveal what happened to Saskia if Rex goes with him. He does, and the truth is absolutely awful.

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