10 thriller movies starring comedic actors

There is something uniquely pleasing about a comedic actor that shows he also has the knack for taking on juicy dramatic roles. This suggests that these men and women have a lot of reach, that they are not limited by gender or performance. In fact, in some ways, those considered top comedic talent often give dramatic performances that surpass their humorous performances (Robin Williams is a notable example of this phenomenon).

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The thriller genre appears to have more than its fair share of films featuring comedy actors, all of which show that there are often multiple layers to an actor’s personality.

ten Insomnia

Insomnia is a really fantastic movie. It has everything a savvy viewer wants in a thriller, with a tightly woven script and a truly stunning performance by Al Pacino. The real star of the film is however Robin Williams, who plays a tortured man responsible for the death of a young woman. Williams is simply fantastic in this role, bringing a truly stunning performance to his character. He’s both utterly human and terribly barbaric, a reminder of Williams’ extraordinary talent.

9 A quiet place

There is something more than frightening about the central monsters of A quiet place, the horror thriller movie directed by and starring John Krasinski. It’s terrifying to have to imagine living in a world where the slightest noise will invite ravenous monsters. Krasinski is excellent in the film as a father desperately trying to protect his family from the monsters who always seek a chance to devour the reckless human who is foolish or careless enough to make noise.


8 Gravity

Sandra Bullock is one of those amazing actresses who seem to shine no matter where she appears. Although she has, of course, starred in several comedies – and therefore most would consider her primarily as a comedy actress – she has also appeared in a number of thrillers, including Gravity.

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This sci-fi film is truly an extraordinary film, and it helps demonstrate why Bullock continues to be one of the most beloved actresses working today.

7 Lake placid

Lake placid is, of course, famous as a thriller about a monstrous crocodile inhabiting the titular lake. What’s extraordinary about the film, however, is that it also features none other than Betty White, one of the comedy giants. She really shines in this role, especially since she has an extraordinarily close relationship with the monstrous crocodilian (while he was eating her husband, she continues to feed him cows). Rude and hilarious on the palate, this is Betty White at her best.

6 The cable guy

Jim Carrey is one of those comedic actors whose talents are legendary. It’s not hard to see why, given that his highly malleable face is key to his manic cinematic performance style. While he quickly established his brand of comedy in the early 1990s, The cable guy has shown its ability to move into more mature territory. The movie is a bit of a combination of dark comedy and thriller, and it shows that Carrey is a much better actor than a lot of people think.

5 One hour photo

Robin Williams in an hour-long photo

In another of his best performances, Robin Williams plays a man who works in a photo development department and becomes obsessed with a particular family. There is something absolutely compelling about Williams when he appears in roles like these, as if all the manic energy that makes him such a great comedian has instead been funneled into exploring the more dark and twisted ones in the human psyche. He was truly an acting genius and his many fans miss him dearly.

4 Uncut gems

Adam Sandler is another one of those actors who really made a name for himself in comedy. In fact, he was one of the biggest comedic draws of the 1990s, especially since he seemed to play the part of a male child to absolute perfection.

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In recent years, however, it has really started to diversify, and Uncut gems, a beautiful, tightly woven thriller, is proof enough that those who underestimated his talents really should have paid him more attention.

3 The number 23

While this film received a lot of critical derision, it still deserves a lot of credit for continuing to show that Jim Carrey has a lot of talent as a dramatic actor. In fact, it is precisely his performance that is really the highlight of this film. No matter what the critics might say, Carrey is a formidable presence throughout his duration, and he doesn’t allow the viewer to look away from him as he battles his own madness.

2 The good son

The evil Macaulay Culkin in The Good Son

Macauley Culkin was, without a doubt, one of the most successful child stars of the 1990s, famous for starring in comedy Alone at home. And came The good son, in which he plays a small demonic child who takes particular pleasure in torturing his cousin and attempting to murder several members of his family (including his mother). While some may find it distressing to see Culkin playing the role of the young psychopath, it is clear that his performance is rightly disturbing.

1 Never give up

Peter Sellers, like Robin Williams, was one of those people who seemed to have an innate gift for comedy. Best known for playing the goofy Inspector Clousseau, he has at times made forays into the world of drama and thriller, as is the case with Never give up. His performance in this film is a reminder, if it were needed, that he was one of the best actors of his generation, not limited by genre or style.

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