10 thriller movies with a high IMDb rating but a much lower Rotten Tomatoes score

When researching whether or not a movie has received good reviews, you may come across some that are difficult to rate due to differences. Since the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes come from reviews and the ratings given on IMDb are made by casual users, it makes sense that these don’t always match up.

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Critics might be looking for something different from typical viewers. In some cases, the films score quite impressively on IMDb, but the rating they have on Rotten Tomatoes is much lower, making it hard to tell which consensus you’re likely to agree with the most. It’s happened across all genres, including thrillers.


Man on a Ledge (2012) – RT: 31% / IMDb: 6.6

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Elizabeth Banks watches Sam Worthington on a ledge

Everything on the principle of Man on the edge of the abyss lends itself to being a thrill ride that feels as intense as it gets. It centers on an ex-con who threatens to jump off the ledge of a tall building. As he tells a police psychologist about it, his efforts distract from a major diamond heist he is behind.

This concept, along with a cast of Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell, Anthony Mackie and many more made it an audience favorite. However, critics were pretty harsh on him, saying it made no sense in places and the Rotten Tomatoes consensus even suggests he had “uninspired acting”.

Viewpoint (2008) – RT: 34% / IMDb: 6.6

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Thomas, Kent and Howard watch through a video recorder at Vantage Point

Movies telling a story from multiple angles have become a trope over the years. One of the movies that managed to pull this off in an intriguing way is Advantageous positionwhich shows how various witnesses can help solve an assassination attempt on the president.

The IMDb rating shows that fans found this movie good but not great. Still, it’s a major step up from what critics apparently thought, with just 34% of reviews on Rotten Tomatoes being positive. The “fractured storytelling” and “wooden acting” were said to undermine the interesting premise.

The Bone Collector (1999) – RT: 29% / IMDb: 6.7

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Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington in The Bone Collector

If you think about that, The Bone Collector looks like a movie that was meant to be big. With a cast led by Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie (and a supporting cast of veterans) and a storyline concerning the hunt for a serial killer terrorizing New York, it looked like a clear winner.

You get the feeling that moviegoers enjoyed it and at least found it good because of the IMDb rating. A look at the Rotten Tomatoes score shows it wasn’t as popular with critics, who ultimately found the whole thing bland. Alas, the strong cast was enough to make it a box office success.

Glass (2019) – RT: 36%/IMDb: 6.6

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The longest, Unbreakable was in the conversation for Best Picture of M. Night Shyalaman’s career. More than a decade later, Divide turned out to be the director’s finest work of the 2010s in the eyes of many and ended with the twist that it was actually a sequel to Unbreakable.

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The conclusion to the trilogy was the highly anticipated Glass, bringing together characters from both films. Reviews were sadly mixed, with the main point of contention being that the conclusion was disappointing. Audiences loved things up front, including the work of Samuel L. Jackson, James McAvoy, and Bruce Willis.

Untraceable (2008) – RT: 16%/IMDb: 6.2

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This psychological thriller was fired up by nearly all critics for a handful of reasons. The Rotten Tomatoes consensus even goes so far as to call it “nothing more than a run-of-the-mill thriller with a hypocritical message.” As the question of the message lines up, there are legitimate tense moments in this film.

not found follows an FBI agent (Diane Lane) who follows a serial killer who broadcasts his torturous murders online, with the videos going viral. Those who liked the film seemed to appreciate that it held nothing back and offered some really creative ways for the characters to be in jeopardy.

Flight Plan (2005) – RT: 37% / IMDb: 6.3

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Jodie Foster in Flightplan

One of Hollywood’s most consistent leading ladies is Jodie Foster. She’s been at the forefront of some major movies for years and one of her most memorable is Flight plan. While not on the level of his greatest work, there was a lot to like about this movie.

The story centers on a woman who discovers her child is missing on a flight, only for everyone on board to have no memory of the child being on the plane. Flight plan scored a few Saturn Award nods and was a box office hit, though critics seemed to feel the film was losing its tension as it went on.

The Loft (2014) – RT: 14%/IMDb: 6.3

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The Loft

There was quite a bit of intrigue around The Loft when the trailers first fell. After all, the cast included names like Karl Urban, Wentworth Miller, Rachael Taylor and James Marsden, all of whom are talented but not quite box office stars.

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The premise is also interesting because it sees five men who share a loft to hang out with their various mistresses, only for one woman to end up dead and no one knows who is behind it or how it happened. Alas, the reviews were pretty dire and called the movie sleazy, though the score on IMDb suggests something solid.

The Accountant (2016) – RT: 52%/IMDb: 7.3

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Although the plot was bland in Accountant, it manages to stand out as the cast is some of the best you can find anywhere. Ben Affleck is the lead alongside Anna Kendrick, JK Simmons, Jon Bernthal and John Lithgow, all of whom shine here. Although it’s a thriller, it’s also a high-octane action movie.

Affleck plays Chris Wolff, a high-functioning autistic man who breaks the books of criminal organizations and things get intense when the authorities close in on him. Alas, critics felt the plot was a bit of a mess, although Affleck’s performance received praise.

Now You See Me (2013) – RT: 50%/IMDb: -7.2

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now you see me isla fisher jesse eisenberg

Everything on Now you see me at first glance, it will give an amazing cinematic experience. The story of a quartet of magicians who pull off incredible heists while evading the authorities makes for a thrilling film and that was definitely the case here.

Now you see me ended up being a commercial success that spawned a sequel, but reviews were mixed. The main focus of the negativity was on the ending, which was said to be unsatisfying and not solving anything. Even though fans were ok with some of that, they gave it a much higher score on IMDb.

Eagle Eye (2008) – TR: 26%/IMDb: 6.6

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During the latter half of the 2000s, it seemed like Shia LaBeouf was everywhere. Of Transformers at Disordershe was releasing the hits but it seemed like Sharp eye may have missed the mark a bit. Although it did well at the box office, many don’t remember it.

The film tells the story of two strangers who receive phone calls from a mysterious woman who puts them in dangerous situations by stalking them and threatening their loved ones. Critics lambasted it, saying it was copied from premium movies and didn’t make much sense, although casual audiences were thoroughly entertained.

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