11 of the Best Mystery, Thriller, and True Crime Books Releasing in July

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Publishing wants to make sure that no matter how your summer goes, it’s at least filled with new releases of mystery, thriller, and crime. I know sleuths look really good in winter coats when sleuthing, but mysteries have to be solved in the heat too. And whether you avoid the heat, love the heat, or tolerate it, I have plenty of crime books to choose from for your summer reading.

Seriously, there are a ton of new releases, including bestselling authors, fan favorites, sequels, and new series! As always, I’ve done my best to select something for every reading taste under the mammoth crime umbrella: you’ll find thrillers, Billy Jensen’s new true-crime book, a foodie mystery, a missing magician from Oona Out of Order author, and a new book by Kathy Reichs for Bones fans (Temperance Brennan’s 21st book, if you’re looking for a long series to dive into). Got YA mysteries, new Ruth Ware, Murder in Old Bombay sequel, Denise Mina sequel, and more. I wasn’t lying about this being a great summer list of mystery books to choose from – or grabbing them all, it’s not like your TBR list is full or anything. *Avoid looking at my TBR which is the size of a monster and will definitely eat me any day.*

What We Do in the Dark by Jennifer Hillier

Hillier (Jar of Hearts, Little Secrets) is back with a new thriller! Imagine being arrested because you were covered in blood and holding a gun in the same room as your murdered husband and that was NOT the worst thing. It’s one of those thrillers where someone has a past and there’s a threat to expose it… I love secrets coming for you!

Cover of the book Actes de Violette

Violet Acts by Margarita Montimore

The author of Oona Out of Order has written a mystery! This is for fans of missing persons, true-crime podcasts, and contemporary novels about relationships between women. Violet Volk was a world famous magician who once disappeared. There’s been tons of speculation since, and now, for the tenth anniversary, there’s a true crime podcast digging into his life through interviews. It’s something her sister Sasha wants nothing to do with, especially since many have always thought she knew more than she was letting on or never behaved the way they did. think a grieving sister should… This is one of my favorite reads this year – and I highly recommend the audiobook narrated by the full cast, which will make you think you’re listening to a podcast.

cover image Miss Aldridge regrets

Miss Aldridge Regrets by Louise Hare

This one is for fans of historical mysteries! Lena Aldridge is a London nightclub singer in the 1930s, lamenting the career she would have wanted when such an opportunity presented itself: a lead role on Broadway. To go to New York, she is given a first class ticket on the Queen Mary, which is good, since there has just been a murder in the club and she would like to escape. But then a murder occurs on the ship, and, well, what are the odds, and how is Aldridge going to get away with it now?

cover image for The IT Girl

Ruth Ware’s It Girl

*Ring the bell for Ruth Ware fans* Ten years after a group of friends in Oxford had one of their own murdered, the convicted man has died. But rather than put everyone at ease, a reporter presents evidence that the man convicted of the murder is innocent, leaving the group of friends in the spotlight…

cover image for The Binding Room

The Binding Room (Inspector Anjelica Henley #2) by Nadine Matheson

Fans of British procedurals, take note! And also if you like picking up fictional crime books by criminal lawyers. This is the sequel to The Jigsaw Man, in which Detective Angelica Henley was trying to figure out how there were new bodies when the serial killer was already in jail. Now she has another string of murders on her hands, starting with a popular preacher murdered in her church…

Peril at Exposure cover image

Peril at Exposure (Captain Jim Agnihotri #2) by Nev March

Murder in Old Bombay fans will be delighted that the sequel has finally arrived. Captain Jim Agnihotri, who became a detective after being in the war hospital reading Sherlock Holmes and coming across a case in the newspaper, is back. This time he is newlywed and has just moved to Boston from British Bombay. As a detective in an agency, he teaches his wife what he learned from Sherlock, which will surely be useful to him in case of disappearance…

bubble tea death cover

Death by Bubble Tea (LA Night Market #1) by Jennifer J. Chow

This is for armchair, family and food detection fans. Two cousins, with opposite personalities (I love a weird couple!), run a food stand at the Eastwood Village Night Market. They haven’t seen each other in 20 years, so it’s already a difficult situation, then a customer dies after drinking his bubble tea, which leads to them becoming the main suspects!

we made it all up

We Made It All Up by Margot Harrison

YA. Mystery. Friendship. Past. secrets. Dead boy. This book has it all. Celeste is the new girl in town who befriends social outcast Vivvy. They spend their time writing a fan fiction love story that one night they aim to bring to fruition. Except their story doesn’t end with the boy’s murder, and in real life it does. It doesn’t help that Celeste has no memory of what happened…

cover image for Death Don't Forget

Death Does Not Forget (Taipei Night Market #4) by Ed Lin

For amateur detective fans who want to travel in a wheelchair while detective, here is the latest entry in Lin’s series, which began with Ghost Month. Jing-nan runs a food stall at the night market in Taipei. After intervening between a romantic partner (his girlfriend’s mother’s boyfriend) who reneged on splitting the lottery winnings, the man is murdered and Jing-nan becomes suspect number one!

cover image for Cold Cold Bones

Cold, Cold Bones (Temperance Brennan #21) by Kathy Reichs

The TV series adaptation may be over, but the character and the books carry on! Escape the summer heat with this North Carolina winter mystery. Tempe Brennan reunites with her daughter, back from the army, to find a package on her porch. It contains a human eyeball and GPS coordinates – of course! This triggers Brennan to find bodies and search for a killer…

cover image for Confidence by Denise Mina

Confidence (Anna and Fin #2) by Denise Mina

Denise Mina wrote a sequel to Conviction! Lisa Lee has an unsuccessful YouTube channel when she disappears after her last video showed her breaking into a French castle and finding a priceless Roman silver coffin. Now Anna and Fin join the internet frenzy to track her down, traveling across Europe to deal with con artists, religious fanatics and smugglers.

If you still need to read more mystery books – or add to your ever-hungry TBR – check out all of our crime stories.

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