17 best thrillers of all time


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Some movie nights you want to laugh at an epic comedy, but other nights you really want to be on the edge of your seat, biting your nails while watching an amazing thriller.

We’ve compiled a list of thriller movies that will terrify you and your BFFs from start to finish. With Halloween around the corner, are you ready to hang out with serial killers, creepy clowns, and a seriously pissed off little girl? A night at has never sounded so good.

1. When a stranger calls

When a stranger calls

Screen Gems

This remake will make you quit your babysitting job as soon as possible. No job is worth being hassled by a mysterious caller who keeps threatening you.

2. Disturbance


Paramount Pictures

A publication-Even Stevens Shia LaBeouf tries to prove that his next door neighbor is in fact a serial killer. Too bad he’s under house arrest and the police don’t take him seriously.

3. Get out

Get out

Universal Images

The 2017 breakout film is definitely Jordan Peele’s film about people mysteriously disappearing near a house hidden in the woods. Going to meet your bae’s family has never been so scary.

4. Missing girl

Missing girl

20th century fox

Moral of this story: Don’t cheat on your wife.

5. Se7en

Thriller Movies Seven

Liaison agency / Getty Images

Young Brad Pitt must stop a killer from killing people based on The Seven Deadly Sins. If you’ve ever heard people joke about “What’s in the Box?” It is from this movie.

6. Fear

Suspense Movies Fear

Universal / Getty Images

If you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend right now, you’ll be very grateful after watching Mark Wahlberg hunt down Reese Witherspoon in this’ 90s thriller.

7. Thesilenceofthelambs


Orion Pictures

An FBI caddy needs the help of an incarcerated serial killer to track down another serial killer before he strikes again. And you thought your the work was stressful.

8. House at the end of the street

House at the end of the street

Relativity media

Jennifer Lawrence quickly learns that the nice neighborhood boy she befriended is not what he appears to be. When someone wants to investigate a house with a dark past, take it easy.

9. i know what you did last summer

I know what you did last summer

Buy large / Getty Images

A year after four teenagers were involved in a horrific accident, a figure wrapped in a hook begins to stalk them.

ten. The brilliant

The brilliant

Warner Bros./Archive Photos / Getty Images

What happens when you mix up a Stephen King story, a bizarre hotel, a huge ax, and a woman who never stops screaming and crying? You obtain The brilliant.

11. psychopath

Psycho Thrillers

Ullstein bild via Getty Images

Don’t let the fact that this movie is black and white stop you from watching this must-see Alfred Hitchcock classic. It’s the story that inspired Motel Bates – and your shower experiences will never be the same again.

12. Final destination

Final destination

Getty Images

Devon Sawa melted your heart as the human version of Casper, and years later he cheated death in the first Final destination. After seeing a vision of a crashing plane, a teenage boy and several of his classmates exit the plane and survive the impending explosion. Now death is here to get them in any way it can.

13. The ring

The ring

Dreamworks Pictures

If someone gives you a shady video tape and tells you to watch it – without saying what it is – drop that tape and run very far. If you don’t, a seriously pissed off little girl might have you.

14. Both versions of THIS

Computer film

Warner Bros./Archive Photos / Getty Images / Brooker Palmer / Warner Bros. Pictures

The 1990 TV movie version (left) and the jaw-dropping 2017 remake (right) are both great ways to get hoarse from screaming so much. Beware of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, because IT is not messing around.

15. Curfew


Warner Bros. Pictures / YouTube

This 2016 horror film has fallen through the cracks, but it’s loaded with suspense and thrills to keep you and your best friends on the edge of your seats. For an unlucky family, a monster will appear whenever the light is turned off.

16. Don’t breathe

Don't breathe

Screen Gems / Stage 6 Films

Before Dylan Minnette made you cry 13 reasons why, he was getting his butt kicked by a weird blind man with a hidden agenda.

17. Literally one of Scream movies

Scream 3 Thrillers

Joseph Viles Dimension Films / Getty Images

The Scream The series is ideal for people who love horror movies and for those who prefer not to. It pokes fun at all the ridiculous tropes in horror movies while still leaving you guessing who the killer is.

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