3 Reasons to Say ‘Yup’ to ‘Nope’, Jordan Peele’s Latest Horror Movie

Jordan Peele is back with his latest sci-fi horror film “Nope” which includes everything from UFOs to haunted horses.

It’s fair to say Jordan Pele is officially the King of Horror. After his successful directorial debut get out in 2017 followed by the thriller doppelgängers We, Peele’s latest addition to the horror anthology is Nope. Featuring get outit is Daniel Kaluuya and new additions to the Peele universe like Keke Palmer,steven yeun and Brandon Pereahere are 3 reasons to say ‘Yup’ to the Jordan Peele film No.

Return of a familiar face: Daniel Kaluuya

Daniel Kaluuya in Los Angeles at the premiere of Focus Features’ “Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul”. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

Jordan Peele fans were first introduced to Daniel Kaluuya in the now cultural definition of Peele get out who became a instant cult movie favorite. Now a global super star with a Oscarto his credit for his performance of historic black activist Fred Hampton in Judas and the Black Messiah,Kaluuya in a role in yet another star is sure to be already iconic. This time fans of the Peele universe will Kaluuya play a Hollywood horse trainer take over the family equestrian business, but with much less on horseback around you as you expect.

There are hidden meanings everywhere

There are hidden meanings everywhere Janko Ferlic / Unsplash

As in previous Peele films, patterns are everywhere. Nope is no different with everything from horses to unhinged monkeys, nothing is off limits with every scene already turned into memes by fans, according to Screening. A theme with a deeper meaning that stands out is that of horses. The film opens with a sequence of black rider – the first cinematographic photographs ever taken by the inventor Edward James Muggeridge. invented, “The Moving Horse”, Nope loops the story back to the 21st century, giving way to an endless theories.

Behind every cloud there is a…

Behind every cloud there is a… Billy Huynh / Unsplash

In Nopeaextraterrestrialpresence haunts society, hiding in the form of a cloud in the sky. At any moment, the alien force could be lurking in the skies, sure to keep us hanging on the end of our seats in every scene.

Nope hits theaters July 22 (US) and August 12 (UK).

Watch the official trailer here:

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