5 best suspenseful movies on Netflix that you must watch


Netflix has been a great respite from all the crises the world is facing right now. Hopefully the situation will improve and use platforms like Netflix to deal with it.

Thriller is probably a healthy distraction from all the stress and hysteria. A good thriller serves as a roller coaster ride that keeps viewers hooked to the screen.

Netflix subscribers have the luxury of accessing a massive library of OTT features, regardless of their location. Therefore, fans should take the opportunity to get their dose of entertainment.

Thriller movies on Netflix: what are the best feature films lately

5) Oxygen (2021)

Oxygen, one of the best sci-fi horror thrillers released this year (Image via Netflix)
Oxygen, one of the best sci-fi horror thrillers released this year (Image via Netflix)

Alexander Aja’s 2021 sci-fi horror is nothing short of a spooky roller coaster ride. The film begins with a woman waking up in an isolated unit, with the reason for her presence unknown to everyone.

As the plot unfolds, the narrative shifts from entrapment to the case of a stolen identity, which then shifts to another scientific precedence. However, audiences are puzzled by the final reveal that transforms the entire narrative.

Oxygen is a French Netflix film starring Mélanie Laurent, Mathieu Amalric and Malik Zidi.

4) I’m a mom (2019)

I am a mother (image via Netflix)
I am a mother (image via Netflix)

i am mother is an Australian sci-fi thriller released in 2019. Its debut shares some similarities with that of the previous entry on this list. However, i am mother is much more complex than it appears.

It presents the human race’s struggle against extinction and how things can go south. The movie can make fans feel uncomfortable while keeping them engaged in the suspense and thrill.

The film is available on Netflix in many countries, and viewers can click here to watch it right now.

3) Blood red sky (2021)

Blood Red Sky (Image via Netflix)
Blood Red Sky (Image via Netflix)

Blood red sky is the most recent version of Netflix, arriving in July of this year. It’s an action horror film armed with a gripping storyline. It tells the story of a mother and her son on a plane.

This Netflix movie is an unusual story of hijacking followed by bloodshed. The film’s name is justified, mostly due to the bloody action sequences paired with subtle suspense and thrill.

The film also features elements of horror culminating in a heartbreaking ending.

2) Synchronous (2019)

Synchronous (Image via Netflix)
Synchronous (Image via Netflix)

Anthony Mackie, best known for playing Falcon in MCU, starred in 2019 sci-fi thriller Synchronous. The American science fiction thriller is about two paramedics investigating deaths from a specific drug.

Synchronous keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with new reveals and a mind-blowing plot. The film presents the mysteries and wonders of drugs as the protagonist conducts his own questionable experiments.

The film ends on a cliffhanger while leaving the end open for viewers to interpret.

1) Raat Akéli Hai (2020)

Raat Akeli Hai (Image via Netflix)
Raat Akeli Hai (Image via Netflix)

This Indian Netflix exclusive is for fans of the classic thriller. Raat Akeli Hai talks about the murder of an owner on his wedding night which triggers an investigation. Everyone in the house is under the radar, the film exploring certain socio-political angles.

The protagonist of the film, Inspector Jatil Yadav, is played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who was part of some revolutionary Indian feature films. The main actor offers an exemplary performance but without effort. The whole has done an exceptional job.

The film’s plot maintains the suspense until its final moves, which feature a shocking big reveal. Fans can watch Raat Akéli Hai on Netflix here.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author only.

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