7 best Japanese thriller movies and shows on Netflix


Japanese thrillers are not only well recognized around the world, but they have also served as the inspiration for many Hollywood movies. With the growing popularity of South Asian content in India, Japanese thriller movies and shows on Netflix are naturally and well-deserved the attention of frenzy watchers. And, if you’re one of them, here’s a list that might interest you.

7 Japanese thriller movies and shows on Netflix that are hard to ignore

1. The Forest of Love – Netflix

One of the most popular Japanese thrillers on Netflix, The forest of love is inspired by real facts. It is based on the murders, torture and extortion committed in Kyushu, Japan from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s by convicted serial killer Futoshi Matsunaga. The film is only a few years old and is a promising frenzy among Japanese thrillers on Netflix.

2. Scams – Netflix

A story of despair and unhappy circumstances, Swindle is an exciting Japanese miniseries on Netflix. It traces the story of a man who is dragged into the underworld after losing his already inconvenient job and is left on the road with his ailing father. Soon he gets involved in a phone scam with illegal activities.

3. BG Personal Bodyguard – Netflix

With Takuya Kimura and written by Yumiko Inoue, BG Personal Bodyguard has its two seasons streaming on Netflix. This series of crime thrillers follows a retired bodyguard who claims to be a novice in his humble new security enterprise. He does this to play it safe and join the new bodyguard division launched by the company.

4. CRISIS: Special Security Squad – Netflix

A series revolving around national security and featuring agents engaging in high octane action sequences, CRISIS: Special Security Squad is an exciting watch. These agents are responsible for managing the special threats facing the country and must race against time to uphold law and order.

5. Signal – Netflix

Signal, also known as Signal: Long-Term Unresolved Case Investigation Team, is a Japanese police procedural television series starring Kentaro Sakaguchi, Michiko Kichise and Kazuki Kitamura. In its first season, it highlights the relationship between two detectives – with an age gap of 15 – as they navigate and attempt to uncover a kidnapping case.

6. Million Yen Women – Netflix

Million yen Women is the story of an unhappy novelist, Shin, who invites five women to his home. These five women, who are extremely beautiful and also complete strangers (and full of mystery) to the novelist, offer Shin a million yen to do their household chores and monthly chores. What could be the mystery behind this strange arrangement?

7. Alice in Borderland – Netflix

Alice in the land of borders was added quite recently to crime thriller shows on Netflix. But IMDb users seem to love it and so do we. The Japanese series follows a young man obsessed with video games who finds himself in a strange version of Tokyo where he and other visitors must compete in deadly games to survive. It is also one of the top rated crime thrillers all time.

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