7 new horror and thriller movies and shows to watch in March 2022

From The Batman to X, fans of the horror and thriller genre will likely find something to enjoy in March.

This March is a strong month for film and television fans at all levels. Not only one of the most anticipated films of this year — The Batman – is finally coming to the big screen, but Disney+ is adding yet another Marvel Cinematic Universe series to its catalog with moon knight. Along with this, A24 introduces another horror movie to its library with X, and fans of the drama surrounding Tiger King can get back to that true story with a new series about Peacock. March isn’t proven when it comes to thrillers and horror content, so here are seven shows and movies releasing this month.

Joe vs. Carole – March 3, Peacock

Joe versus Carol

Back in 2020, tiger king took Netflix by storm, and soon after its success there were countless rumors of movies or shows being produced based on the events of Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin. Come 2022, and one of those rumors has come true, as Kate McKinnon portrays Baskin in this Peacock series; however, it is not based on the Netflix series. This is based on the Wondery “Joe Exotic: Tiger King” podcast, released in 2019, and the streaming series focuses on Baskin instead of Exotic.

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The Batman – March 4, Cinemas

Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle in The Batman

March is off to a strong start with The Batman, the latest version of one of DC’s most iconic characters. Clearly inspired by thrillers like Zodiac and Se7evnMatt Reeve’s take on The Dark Knight sees Batman (Robert Pattinson) pursue the serial killer known as The Riddler (Paul Dano), with Commissioner Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) and Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz) the helping along the way.

Fresh – March 4, Hulu

Sebastian Stan in Hulu's Fresh

Right on the heels of Pam and TommySebastian Stan collaborates with Hulu again on Costs, a new horror movie. In the streaming movie, a woman, Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones), experiences the trials and tribulations of online dating, so when she meets a lovely man (Stan) in person, it first seems like things are going well. finally settle down. However, over time, he reveals new truths to Noa that turn everything upside down for the worse.

The Outfit – March 18, In theaters

the outfit(1)

In Kingsman: The Secret Service, the public saw a tailor’s shop being the front of a spy organization. Likewise, The clothe sees a tailor, Leonard (Mark Rylance), play the role of a man who makes clothes for mortal individuals; however, this time it’s not the good guys. While in Chicago, Leonard learns that the only clientele who can afford it are gangsters, and their business relationship becomes more dangerous with each visit.

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X – March 18, Theaters


A24 had made a name for themselves when it came to unique horror movies, from Hereditary for Lighthouse. He adds yet another horror film to his catalog with X, which follows a group of filmmakers shooting an adult film in rural Texas. However, as the hosts of the house they use learn more about them, the protagonists find themselves in a life or death situation.

Umma – March 18, Theaters


With Sandra Oh, Ouma is a new horror thriller hitting theaters this month. Ouma is about Amanda raising her daughter so she can survive off the grid; however, their peace is disturbed when the remains of her own mother, whom she called Umma, are brought to their home, accompanied by the threat of the deceased’s growing anger. Secrets from the past and a brutal haunting put more pressure on the mother/daughter duo than ever anticipated.

Moon Knight – March 30, Disney+

After a break of several months afterHawk Eye, Disney+ Brings Back Another Streaming Series Connected To The Marvel Cinematic Universe; however, where previous ones focused on established characters, like Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Loki, and Hawkeye, moon knight will mark the MCU debut of this titular character. In the series, Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) says goodbye to his normal life as he experiences strange memories and blackouts, eventually learning that he is also Marc Spector and Moon Knight.

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Batman's Climax Sets the Stage for Its Toughest Villain

Batman’s Climax Sets the Stage for Its Toughest Villain

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