8 new horror and thriller movies and shows to watch in February 2022

February has a few new movies and TV shows, from Killing Eve to Uncharted, that will appeal to thrill-seeking fans.

February is light on horror this year; however, it delivers thrillers while including a unique horror comedy. Along with a highly anticipated video game adaptation, the conclusion of a fan-favorite BBC series, and the return of Law and order, there’s plenty more in store for this month, including these eight movies and shows.

The Tinder Swindler – February 2, Netflix

Unlike everything else on this list, The Tinder scammer is a documentary; however, considering what it is, it feels like home here. Four women were victims of a scammer using dating apps to take advantage of others for financial gain; However, these women won’t put up with it and they team up to demand justice in this documentary designed for true crime fans.

Suspicion – February 4, Apple TV+


Apple TV+ has found a niche with its thriller-oriented series, like Servant and The Mosquito Coast. Joining its catalog this month is Suspicion, which concerns a high-profile kidnapping and how four average citizens are believed to be connected to or behind this crime. It’s up to them to clear their name, if they are in fact innocent.

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Kimi – February 10, HBO Max


Before delivering her version of Catwoman in The Batman next month, Zoë Kravitz stars as the titular Kimi in a new HBO Max movie. Kimi is about the character of Kravitz who finds evidence of a crime, but she struggles to report what happened and has to take matters into her own hands, stepping out of her comfort zone. The film is directed by Steven Soderbergh, who also directed Ocean’s Eleven and Lucky Logan.

Blacklight – February 11, Cinemas

Blacklight Trailer

Liam Neeson has become a staple of the action thriller genre, with his starring role in the Taken franchise being an icon for many fans. Now it comes back to gender in Black light. Neeson is a government agent whose job it is to take out exposed agents, but all is not as it seems, as he uncovers a conspiracy at play.

Uncharted – February 19, Cinemas


Unexplored has been a popular action-adventure video game series for years, so it’s no surprise that the franchise will eventually be picked up for a film adaptation. Here, Nathan Drake and company. are on the hunt for the greatest treasure imaginable, starring Tom Holland as Drake. Fresh off the smash hit of Spider-Man: No Coming Home, Holland’s new film promises plenty of action and thrills.

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Law & Order, season 21 – February 25, NBC

Logo from the original Law & Order

For many fans of TV procedurals, Law and order was a must. The series is about prosecutors trying to bring justice to New York City. Law and Order started in 1990 and the last season dates back to 2009; however, it is back after 13 years for a twenty-first season on NBC.

Studio 666 – February 25, Cinemas

Workshop 666

Workshop 666 has a unique premise in itself, as it’s about Foo Fighters moving into a mansion to produce their latest album; however, the house has a dark history, leading to a major haunting. To take it to the next level, the film features the Foo Fighters themselves, and they’ll mix music with horror and comedy in this feature film.

Killing Eve, Season 4 – February 27, BBC America


Kill Eve has been one of the BBC’s best-loved thrillers in recent years, and Villanelle and Eve’s story finally comes to an end with the fourth and final season. The series followed Eve’s attempts to find and stop the assassin Villanelle; however, the two developed an obsession and complicated feelings for each other over time, and season 3 ended with the two almost leaving each other for good; however, they are back one last time.

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