8 new horror and thriller movies and TV shows to watch in November 2021

Halloween may be over, but there are plenty of thrills and thrills in November, from Ghostbusters to Resident Evil.

While Halloween is over, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more thrills and chills to be expected this November. Fans can look forward to returning to some of their favorite franchises, with ghost hunters, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Dexter and Resident Evil, But there are also new shows and movies to check out this month for those looking for a good horror movie or thriller.

Red Notice – November 5, Netflix

Three of the biggest actors in the superhero genre – Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Dwayne the Rock Johnson (Black Adam) – team up for this heist movie. by netflix Red Notice talks about an Interpol agent who goes after one of the world’s biggest thieves in international crime.

Narcos: Mexico – November 5, Netflix

Netflix has hosted amazing series on different parts of the criminal world, and both Narcos and Narcos: Mexico gave viewers a glimpse into the lives of narcotics officers and drug traffickers. Narcos: Mexico concerns the roots of the series, but that origin is finally coming to an end with this final season.

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Dexter: New Blood – November 7, Showtime

Dexter is alone on a snowy night.

Dexter was one of Showtime’s most popular series. He was following Dexter Morgan, a blood pattern analyst who worked alongside the cops; However, when the justice system fails, it kills murderers who have run away. The series “ended” in its eighth season; however, the series is back, with the events of New blood takes place ten years after the final.

Yellowjackets – November 14, Showtime

Yellow jackets

New to Showtime, Yellow jackets is set to deliver a new version of the survival story. Years ago, the girls on a high school football team were stranded in the wilderness, but they survived the unexpected. 25 years later, and this nightmare returns to haunt them in a mysterious way.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife – November 19, theaters

Three children stand in front of a car and look at the sky

Since 1984, ghost hunters has been a staple of pop culture, and it’s getting a new take on this November. Ghostbusters: the afterlife appears to be connected to the original films, this time following a new generation of heroes. Instead of adults, these hunters are a group of kids who have discovered that their new home has the equipment they need to take down the phantom menace targeting their small town.

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House of Gucci – November 24, Theaters

Gucci House hosts a star-studded cast, with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver playing the lead roles in this real crime thriller. Based on the real-life lives of Patrizia and Maurizio Gucci, this film is expected to document their tense marriage and the ensuing murder.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City – November 24, Theaters

resident Evil, based on the popular video game, has spawned several films about this unique zombie world. Welcome to Racoon City brings fans back to the home of the Umbrella Corporation. After the company leaked, they left behind something evil that will cause chaos, and the survivors are the ones who must face the consequences.

Hawkeye – November 24, Disney +

Hailee Steinfeld Kate Bishop Hawkeye

While What if…? gave fans a major Marvel fix, Disney + is taking a break from the animated side of the MCU to return to the live-action adventures of Hawkeye. Apparently taken from Matt Fraction and David Aja Hawk Eye run, this six-episode series puts Clint Barton up against a new criminal threat alongside Kate Bishop, the other Hawkeye in the comics.

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