A Jeffrey Epstein horror film? Ho-hum – Original Cin

There are a few quirks: ceiling mirrors and interior doors that lock from the outside. But other than the rotten ham in the fridge, scratches inside the cupboard, and a blood stain on a mattress, it’s a steal.

Shortly after their move in, a stranger (Nekrasova) identified only as the girl appears.

She explains to Nicole that she is investigating Epstein’s mysterious death and that Nicole and Addie live in one of Epstein’s properties, where he likely kept teenage girls as slaves. The two women bond – first because of internet conspiracy theories, then drugs, and later sexually – which may seem like an odd thing to do in the midst of an investigation into a sex crime.

The internalization of the sexual trauma is even more pronounced with Addie, who, while ignorant of the investigation, becomes possessed, presumably by the spirit of one of the girls who fell victim to Epstein. While having sex with her boyfriend (Mark H. Rapaport, a producer of the film), she wants to grow old regresses in a little girl’s voice at which point he stops in disgust.

From there, Addie’s condition worsens. In a series of solo scenes that play out like a performance of a woman, Addie sucks her thumb and masturbates in front of a sanctuary of Prince Andrew photos, while wading through piles of rotten fruit on the floor. His offspring is the highlight of the tacky film, signifying internalized patriarchal oppression taken to the extreme. (The lowest bad taste is the unnecessary use of sexual insults by the characters).

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