A murder mystery with a twist but falls flat due to outdated storytelling

The filmography of director and screenwriter Subhash Ghai before 2000 is nothing short of rich experience. This man gave us some very good mass artists in the 80s and 90s and made a career out of many Bollywood superstars. straight from Kalicharan, Vishwanath, Karz, Vidhaata, hero, Meri Jung, Karma, Ram Lakhan to the hits of the 90s like Saudagar, Khalnayak and By. After that, the director sank too low to get up. This is what causes the lukewarm results of 36 Farm. A thriller that generates no thrill on screen, but on top of that feels outdated as if he wrote the film in the 80s and finally got the chance to make it in 2022. There was no chance for Rajesh Sharma to salvage this mediocre writing, despite the talented cast and murder mystery angle, not everything Subhash Ghai has tried can be fully denounced. However, one has to criticize Ghai’s overall vision, more than the director, for using all the outdated theories from his own films.The story of 36 Farm revolves around a murder mystery, which ultimately doesn’t remain a mystery to the audience as we only see the killer in the opening scene. A funny police investigation ensues as the new members join the residence in the farm for different and plausible reasons with the reference to confinement. By the time we reach the end, it solves the mystery with an added twist that leaves you with the satisfaction of keeping something alive for the climax, otherwise you already knew everything. Meanwhile, the plot generates quite a lively atmosphere with comedy, romance, and family drama. In short, it’s a thriller that tries too hard to be a non-thriller and believe it or not, but it really becomes an engaging affair overall.What works for 36 Farm is the performance of the ensemble distribution. We don’t really see a talented actor like Vijay Raaz playing the lead role, but with this film, a rare thing happens. It is a pleasant thing indeed. Sanjay Mishra captures his trademark comedy well, while Golmaal celebrity Ashwini Kalsekar is having a little fun around him. Amol Parashar’s accent is one thing you might like while his partner or love interest, we don’t know exactly what it was, Barkha Singh looks stunning in every picture. However, the hottest figure in the movie is Flora Saini, who has that Femme Fatale touch, but not really explored like it should have been. In the supporting role, Rahul Singh tries to leave his mark, but his character’s writing and screen space never really give him a chance. Somehow the cast saved it from that “B Grade” status and you should be grateful for that.What 36 Farm what is missing most is the modern sense of cinema. You can’t accept those antiquated ’70s chills and dialogue in 2022. Even the songs. ‘Aage Nikal‘ sounds like a typical 70s funny situation song, or maybe it’s even worse than that. Nonetheless, it’s moody for an older audience. The movie’s script isn’t boring, well, that’s a good thing over three. But it definitely lacks the uniqueness needed for a thriller. Director Ram Ramesh Sharma has nothing to offer with his directing techniques as it seems he was won over by the lackluster writing. Globally, 36 Farm is a good thriller, and also has a twist, but they didn’t understand to put it in the right place. Plus, outdated narration and out-of-place segments make for a passable movie.

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