A new murder mystery by a best-selling author near Market Harborough is about to hit libraries

Daphne Machon

The highly anticipated new murder mystery from a best-selling author from a village near Market Harborough is about to hit libraries.

Enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that Daphne Machon’s ‘Harry Love: Time for Murder’, the 10th book in her ever-popular Harry Love series, is now available.

It is due to go on sale at Waterstones bookshop in Market Harborough this weekend – and you can also buy it on Amazon.

Daphne, from Artingworth, said it would be her last Harry Love thriller after bringing the dynamic detective and super sleuth to vivid life hunting down brutal killers and other dangerous criminals over a decade ago.

“I started writing the Harry Love books over 10 years ago.

“I loved writing them, they have given me so much joy and fulfillment over the years.

“But it will be my last because I don’t want the characters to become stale,” said the retired PE teacher.

“I originally intended to write four, then I went to six because so many people enjoyed reading the stories.

“But now that I have 10, this will definitely be my last Harry Love book!

“They all take place in Torreston, a fictional market town between Market Harborough and Northampton.

“The characters aren’t based on anyone I know, I just made them up.

“And Harry Love is actually a woman.

“She started as a detective inspector and worked her way up to superintendent.

“I’ve always loved reading mystery novels, so I thought I’d try writing some as well,” said Daphne, who has four children, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

“And I had a wonderful time doing it.”

His new 568-page paperback ‘Harry Love: Time for Murder’ costs £13.99 and is published by New Generation.

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