A Supernatural Horror Movie Hits Theaters, VOD Today

Vertical Entertainment gave away the supernatural horror movie The Overnight out in theaters, on VOD, and digital today, and to help you decide whether or not you want to check this one out this weekend, we’ve got the movie trailer embedded above.

The night comes to us from two directors, Kevin Rhoades and Bobby Francavillo. This marks Francavillo’s feature debut, while Rhoades has a few decades worth of credits to watch, including the 2010 thriller my new life. Mel Hagopian and Richard Harlost wrote the script for The nighttelling the following story:

A young couple find themselves in an outdated hotel after being distracted during a planned romantic weekend. Soon they are caught in murderous death loops and become the bait of a murderous demon.

The film stars Brittany Clark (Indiscretion), Zebedee Row (ghost in the graveyard), Rajeev Varma (The blue rose), James Lorinz (Frankenhooker), Justin L. Wilson (lady secretary), Mathilde Dehaye (stone castle), and Richard Millen (Subway Scenes).

A Rock Road Media Production, The night was produced by Francavillo, with Mitchell Crain serving as executive producer. Harlost served as associate producer with Sarah Jane Heckscher, while Hagopian served as executive producer. Movies and Mania notes that the film was shot under the title The stay in August 2017.

I can’t say that the trailer for The night left me very impressed. What I take away the most from watching it is that it looks like one of the ghosts was a fan of the brilliant before they ended up haunting this hotel and decided to torment people by paraphrasing lines from the movie.

How it works The night looks at you? Are you going to watch it this weekend? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Here is the movie poster:

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