Actress Mirabelle Lee’s New Horror Film ‘Slapface’ Takes a Dark, Mental Look at Bullying – FOX23 News

Mirabelle Lee stars as “Mariah” in “Slapface,” a dark and chilling horror film currently showing on Shudder. The storyline has a very present subtext, revealing deeper symbolism of domestic violence, bullying, and mental health.

“’Slapface’ is a slash horror thriller. He leads with ‘Lucas’. He faces bullying. He is also coping with the loss of his mother,” Lee said.

“Lucas” lives with his older brother, who does his best to raise him, but their relationship isn’t perfect.

“To seek solace, he finds a monster in the woods. And that can only lead to chaos,” Lee said. “Throughout the movie he builds more of a relationship, more of a friendship with this monster, but as he does, a lot of drama starts to unfold.”

Lee recalls having a last-minute audition for the project. She received the script in the evening and had to get the tape read for the casting directors the next morning.

“When I was doing my audition, I felt a kind of connection with ‘Mariah.’ Which sounds crazy, but there was something about her that drew me to her. She’s so, her character is so complex and I always wanted to play a role like her,” Lee said.

A week later, she had a chemistry reading with August Maturo, the actor who plays “Lucas.” Lee booked the role about two days later.

“It was so crazy! It happened so fast. But it was amazing,” Lee said.

Lee says her character “Mariah” has a crush on “Lucas” and they have a secret relationship. “Mariah” also hangs out with two girls “Donna” and “Rose” who relentlessly bully Lucas in the film.

“Mariah is, she really wants to fit in with everyone, which I can understand. I wanted to find my place in college. And it was really hard to do that. I tried to be friends with people who weren’t the best of friends, just to fit me in,” Lee said. “And that’s how I relate to Mariah, because that’s exactly what she does. She’s too scared to stand up for herself and be alone, she bullies him and accepts him, even though she knows it’s wrong. She can’t find the courage.

Lee says “Slapface” has an important message about what can happen if you don’t talk about bullying.

The actress believes adults play an important role in breaking the cycle of bullying.

“If you see adults doing something. If you see adults bullying someone else, kids will automatically think, “That’s what I should be doing.” I should go out there and do this. So, I think adults these days need to set an example for kids more,” Lee says.

She also believes that if someone sees someone being tormented by another person, to say something.

“Taking that risk and reporting someone bullying someone else can sometimes be scary because you don’t know if that bully will end up hurting you,” Lee said.

According to Lee, the risk of standing up for someone who is being bullied is the right thing to do.

“Maybe you can find a friend in there. Because I know that person would be grateful if you stood up for them,” Lee said.

“Slapface” can now be viewed on Shudder.

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