Alia Bhatt’s ‘Darlings’ Teaser: Perfect Blend of Mystery, Comedy and Suspense

Alia Bhatt’s “Darlings” Teaser: Perfect Blend of Mystery, Comedy, and Suspense

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Shreya Mukherjee

Jul 05, 2022 at 10:57 a.m.
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‘Darlings’ teaser raises many questions, promises perfect black comedy.

As promised, actress-producer Alia Bhatt has unveiled the long-awaited teaser for her debut production project, darlingstuesday.

Much like the teaser announcement video released on Monday, the teaser clip stayed true to its name and only teased the film’s premise, without revealing much about it.

And, we have high hopes for this female-led black comedy.

Here’s a breakdown of the teaser.

Why is this story important?

  • After proving her acting skills in Bollywood for around a decade, Bhatt set up her own production company Eternal Sunshine Productions in March 2021.
  • Shortly after, she announces darlings would be the first film of this banner.
  • The actor has teamed up with Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment to produce this Netflix project.
  • Naturally, darlings is a milestone in Bhatt’s career.

On the one hand, Vijay Varma fights for Bhatt’s heart

With suspense-filled background music setting the eerie tone, the 1:40-second clip opens with a woman (Bhatt) being wooed by a hopeless lover (Vijay Varma).

When the lover thinks he has succeeded in seducing the lady – as he is brought to meet his mother (Shefali Shah) – he notices the competition.

To the lover’s dismay, another young man (Roshan Mathew) – a likely suitor for the lady – is already at her house.

On the other hand, Bhatt-Shefali Shah is accused of murder

While one might think the two male lovers lead the story, they are quickly corrected when the mother-daughter duo are called to the police station.

They are suspects in a murder case. Although Bhatt’s character points out that they only killed him in their imagination, the cop is unconvinced.

But who was killed? And, did the mother-daughter couple kill him?

The clip keeps us guessing.

Watch the trailer here

“Darlings” will arrive on Netflix on August 5

Interestingly, a tale of Panchatantra is told in voiceover, explaining how no matter what, people’s true natures don’t change.

Now, we’ll have to wait to see exactly how this story will be incorporated into director Jasmeet K Reen.

The Netflix version will hit the platform on August 5.

Before that, we can expect a trailer to further clarify the plot.

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