Anne Heche would have been in debt before her car accident

Months before her fatal car accident, the actress Anne Heche was allegedly charged with failing to meet debt financing plan payments and was taken to court. According to court documents, Citibank sued Heche for failing to repay its loan.

Lawsuit documents revealed that Heche owed the bank more than $60,000 at the time of the filing. The debt was part of her payments for a loan she took out to pay for her house with Thomas Jane, her ex-boyfriend.

Heche was recently involved in a fatal car accident after driving her car to a house in Los Angeles. Her family have now announced that they have taken the actress off life support after doctors confirmed she will not survive her injuries.

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Anne Heche took out a loan from Citibank


According to official court documents RadarOnline obtained, Citibank sued Heche on March 3, 2021 to collect the remainder of its debt. The bank claimed to have given Heche a loan, and it now owed them more than $60,000.

The documents also claimed that Heche lived in Los Angeles, in the house she bought with her ex-boyfriend and actor Thomas Jane. Heche and Jane started dating in 2019, and soon after bought a $1.9 million home in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The matter remained silent for some time until August 2021, when Citibank formally informed the court that they had reached a settlement agreement with Heche, where it would make payment of its debt in installments.

She defaulted on her payments

Anne Heche at the rehearsal of

All seemed well between Heche and the bank until January 2022, when Citibank informed the court that the “John Q” actress had defaulted on the settlement agreement by not paying the agreed deposit.

A Citibank legal representative said: “[Heche] failed to comply with the payment agreement provided for in the conditional settlement agreement. They further claimed that the last payment made by the actress was in October 2021.

The bank revealed that as part of the deal, Heche had agreed to pay a minimum of $5,170 per month until she repaid the full $62,000. The payments were due to start in June 2021 and end in May 2022 if she followed them.

The agreement between Heche and the bank also specified that if the actress defaulted on a single payment, the bank reserved the right to require her to pay the full balance. The lawsuit also said Heche only paid $25,000 of the debt and still owed a total of $36,161.

Anne Heche was recently removed from life support

Anne Heche at the DGA Awards in Beverly Hills

Unfortunately, Heche was taken off life support on Friday after sustaining serious injuries in a car accident. Her doctors have confirmed to her family that the “Spread” actress will not recover from her injuries or wake up from her coma.

Heche’s accident happened when she drove her car to a house in Los Angeles. The actress hit a garage first, then got into a parked car and again into a nearby house. The accident in the house immediately set his car and part of the house on fire.

His spokesperson said RadarOnline“Shortly after the accident, Anne Heche lost consciousness, slipping into a coma. She has a significant lung injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns requiring surgery.

Fortunately, no one was in the house at the time of the accident, and no one else was injured in the explosion and subsequent fire. Los Angeles police have since confirmed that there was cocaine and possibly fentanyl in Heche’s system.

She acted weird before the crash

Shortly before the accident, Heche was seen buying a red wig at a hair salon in Venice. Store owner Richard Glass posted a photo of the actress and explained that she bought a $125 red wig at 10:25 a.m.

Glass also confirmed that the ‘Six Days, Seven Nights’ actress smiled, acted normal and was “coherent” as she left her store. He said The New York Post“I didn’t expect anything – or suspect anything – anything at all.”

Street surveillance footage also captured Heche driving dangerously down the alley and nearly hitting a pedestrian. Heche left behind her two sons, Atlas and Hammer, and the rest of her family.

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