Bachelor Murder Mystery premieres in Hollywood

The Bachelor Murder Mystery: Who Murdered the Bachelor will premiere on Saturday, December 4th.

We are delighted to welcome the world back into the lifestyle and take the audience on an emotional journey “

– Rich twill

UNITED STATES, December 2, 2021 / – What if an international playboy decides to run for president but is the victim of an attempted murder on election day by one of his many aspiring first ladies? This is the premise of the outrageous new parody of murder mystery thrillers, The Bachelor Murder Mystery: Who Murdered the Bachelor? This outrageous parody premieres on the Hollywood red carpet on Saturday, December 4 at the historic Laemmle Glendale Theater.

The film is directed by prominent sports entertainment journalist and host Rich Twilling and stars The Showstopper multimedia personality Shawn Valentino, Miss USA finalist Toneata Morgan, director Tremain Hayhoe and a cast of over fifty gorgeous models.

The film is the latest in The Bachelor Party cinematic saga following the success of The Playboy’s Impossible Mission and It’s a Wonderful Lifestyle. Who Murdered the Bachelor is a riff on classic detective and spy movies such as Clue, Psycho, Mission: Impossible, and Knives Out. Cinephiles will appreciate the references to famous intrigue films.

The plot revolves around a famous single man living a fantasy lifestyle who faces a crisis of conscience when he finds out that a global pandemic is threatening humanity. Believing that he is the only one who can save the planet, he decides to run for president. Sadly, the many ladies in his life would kill to be his first lady. The hilarious hijackings begin with the increasingly absurd murder attempts on the bachelor’s life.

Valentino has had a long media career promoting his celibate lifestyle in the jet set that began in the Britney Spears-inspired episode Womanizers of The Tyra Bank Show. He was also featured as an international playboy on The Dr. Phil Show, Fear Factor, Take Me Out and Vice Media’s documentary The Showstopper: The Next Hugh Hefner. Morgan is an award-winning actress who was discovered by Valentino for a Miss Teen California pageant. She has pursued a thriving career with roles such as Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith and herself on the reality series Temptation Island. Twilling is a respected journalist and was one of the early innovators of wrestling podcasts. Hayhoe is reprising his infamous role as the villainous villainous rock star. Gold record winner hip-hop artist C-Tru provides the soundtrack.

Press and media are invited by Red Carpet Productions to the red carpet screening at the Glendale Laemmle Theater on December 4th.

The Bachelor Murder Mystery will soon be available on Amazon Prime, Tubi, and other streaming platforms.

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