Barry Pepper Will Be Trapped Underground In Luke Sparke’s Horror Movie

Barry Pepper was recently trapped under a flooded house with man-eating alligators in the very cool horror movie “nature run amok” Crawland now he’s signed to be trapped underground in Occupation and Occupation: precipitation horror film by director Luke Sparke Dash. According to Variety, Dash will see

two injured strangers – a family man and a criminal – trapped underground while the town above is attacked by a monstrous menace. Bleeding and destitute, their only hope is to get out of a treacherous tunnel before time runs out.

Film Mode Entertainment presents Dash to potential buyers of the Cannes film market. Sparke is producing the film alongside Carmel Imrie and Carly Sparke, with co-production by Zac Garred and Alex Becconsall. Clay Epstein and Geoff Imrie are executive producers.

Epstein provided the following statement:

We are thrilled to be working with Luke and the team at Sparke Films on another stellar feature that raises the bar for the genre as well as the commercial viability of the project worldwide. The addition of Barry Pepper and his adept talent, as well as his huge global success starting with movies like Saving Private Ryan and The green Line to more recent titles with box office earnings exceeding the billion dollar mark, all add immense value to Dash.”

Carly Sparke and Carmel Imrie added:

As big horror/thriller fans, it’s fantastic to be able to get into the genre with Dash. This elevated horror flick is sure to terrify and have audiences on the edge of their seat when they watch it.

I want to roll my eyes every time I see something being described as “high horror”, but I’m always on board to give Dash a chance and see what it’s all about. Does it look good to you? Share your thoughts on Dash and the term raised horror by leaving a comment below.

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