BLACK CRAB (2022) Noomi Rapace Action Thriller Reviews Netflix

“Hope shines brightest in the cold”

black crab is a 2022 Swedish action-thriller set in a war-torn post-apocalyptic world and follows six soldiers on a secret mission.

Directed by Adam Berg – who is making his directorial debut – from a screenplay co-written with Pelle Rådström.

The film stars Noomi Rapace, Jakob Oftebro, Erik Enge, Dar Salim, Ardalan Esmaili, Aliette Opheim and David Dencik.

During a long and harsh winter, six soldiers embark on a secret mission traveling through a frozen archipelago, risking their lives to transport a mysterious package that could end the war.

When they enter hostile enemy territory, they have no idea what dangers await them or who, if anything, they can trust. However, for speed skater-turned-soldier Caroline Edh, the mission is something else entirely…



“There is a bigger point to make about distrust of government, which is valuable, but it comes at the end of an already overlong feature, weakening the material’s enduring message. Berg can’t pull off the effort, but he has quite the introduction, finding plenty of ways to avoid mockery as a potentially comedic idea turns into a surprisingly difficult war movie.

” …black crab is entertaining and Rapace’s Caroline is both fierce and tragic. With a dark ending, it’s hard to end the movie and not wonder “What was the point of all this.” But, that’s by design of the movie. The war and the dying world in which it takes place is not the real story in black crab. Instead, it’s about motherhood, the vulnerability that can be exploited because of it, and strength too. But why is that?

“The visuals in black crab are quite impressive, beautiful and weird in equal measure. Whether it’s skaters gliding across the ice as explosions on the continent light up the sky behind them, or the depiction of war-torn cities. With all the horror currently unfolding in Ukraine, much of the film, especially the terrifying open scenes, suddenly feel much more real, really adding to the drama and suspense. Cine Cat

“It’s essentially a road movie (through the ice), where the crew will have to deal with endless problems on their journey, and like all disaster movies, it feels like not everyone will make it. No. I also like “end of the world” style movies, and this certainly holds up to that premise, but while it’s a good movie, it’s kinda close to two hours long and could easily lose around 20 minutes. DVD fever

black crab is neither fresh nor unique, but the message it delivers is powerful, especially in these times. There’s enough action to satisfy those looking for it, and Rapace continues to show just how incredibly consistent it can be. 7/10 fictional skyline

“The muddled ethical math of the reckless final act, in which Caroline can rationalize mass death as a convoluted gray area while lying is the final straw, wastes the pressure on her frozen schlep. […] Also, at this point, we’re too concerned about the reason for all of this. The Guardian

black crab moves at a brisk pace through a dark no-man’s land and leads our main characters through ever-new trials and dangers. Along the way, you’ll also find some eerily beautiful imagery, especially in the many ice scenes. […] It rarely gets boring – but also not as exciting as it could be if we had a thing for this goofy gang. MovieZine 2/5 [translated from Swedish]

“Essentially, it’s a movie with a strong first half, a lackluster second half, and a decent ending that sandwiches it. black crabisn’t perfect, and the movie could have been tightened up and more characterized, but beyond that, it’s actually a pretty solid offering and worth watching. 7/10 The review geek

black crab features memorable moments sprinkled throughout the film, all dark […] black crab is probably too dark to fit traditional, forgettable Netflix fare. Those looking for dark and unforgiving post-apocalyptic drama might enjoy what’s on display here. 5/10 Movie Slash

Release date:
The film premiered at the Gothenburg Film Festival in Sweden on February 3, 2022.

black crab will be available to stream on Netflix from March 18, 2022.

Technical details:

Original title:
Svart Krabba “Black Crab”


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