BROOKLYN HORROR FILM FESTIVAL announces its awards for 2021 – EGO by Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas and THE SADNESS Breakout by Rob Jabbaz with multiple wins


Brooklyn Horror Film Festival closed its 6th edition last Thursday with the sold-out closing night of the East Coast premiere of Rob Jabbaz’s THE SADNESS at Nitehawk Cinema and today announced the jury and audience award winners. Launched on October 14 with the New York premiere of MLUNGU WAM (GOOD MADAM), Brooklyn Horror is proud to have once again welcomed an enthusiastic and enthusiastic audience that filled theaters after a year-long hiatus linked to the pandemic and hosted a majority of sold-out screenings, with particular highlights being the 35mm festival screening of SESSION 9, presented for its 20th anniversary in the presence of lead actor and co-writer Stephen Gevedon, and the US premiere of the The first film by local filmmaker Edoardo Vitaletti, THE LAST THING MARY SAW, with Rory Culkin and Vitaletti present for the Q&A.

Other festival highlights include the world premieres of Adam Randall’s Netflix Original vampire feature, NIGHT TEETH, and Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas’ psychological social thriller EGO, which won three awards, including for the best feature film. In addition to Rory Culkin, Stephen Gevedon and Edoardo Vitaletti, Brooklyn Horror also hosted composer Robert Pycior for the New York premiere of WHAT JOSIAH SAW and the return of former BHFF filmmaker Perry Blackshear for the US premiere of his latest, WHEN I CONSUME YOU, alongside the film’s stars, Libby Ewing, Evan Dumouchel and MacLeod Andrews, as well as numerous local short films and a lengthy introduction by author Kate Robertson ahead of the special 20th anniversary screening of TROUBLE EVERY DAY.

In total, Brooklyn Horror 2021 hosted two world premieres, two US premieres, a North American premiere, an East Coast premiere and five New York premieres, and screened 14 feature films and 49 short films over the eight days. of the festival, with over 93.5% of all available tickets sold and over 30 talents in attendance to celebrate the event’s explosive return.

This year’s BHFF feature film jury was made up of filmmaker Anthony Scott Burns, Fangoria Editor-in-chief Ariel Fisher and Fantasia International Film Festival programmer Justine Peres Smith. The jury awarded the following distinctions:

Best feature – EGO, dir. Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas

Best director – Rob Jabbaz, SADNESS

Best scenario – Jorge Navarro de Lemus, EGO

Best actor – Nick Stahl, WHAT JOSIAH SAW

Best actress – Maria Pedraza, EGO

Best photography – Jenna Cato Bass, MLUNGU WAM (GOOD MADAME)

Special mention from the jury – THE SADNESS, dir. Rob jabbaz

“I would like to thank the jury for this award on behalf of the EGO team, María Pedraza and myself,” said EGO director Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas. “The first international feature film promoted by La Caña Imagine could not have been better. Now we expect his debut to have the same recognition in Spain. We also want this feature film to introduce a new community of creators in our society and we want it to open new doors and provide new opportunities for filmmakers.

“Whoa, thank you very much to the judges and the audience at BHFF,” said Rob Jabbaz of his victory for making THE SADNESS. “I wish I could have been there in person to receive the award. I’m so glad that there are still people who love movies like THE SADNESS as much as I do. It is truly an honor!

The BHFF Short Films Jury was made up of Short Film of the Week lead programmer Chelsea Lupkin, ‘Knight Light’ podcast host Prince Jackson and BHFF graduate filmmaker Yfke van Berckelaer, director of the LILI short film. , which won the award for best performance and best screenplay in 2019.The jury awarded the following distinctions:

Best short film – LA OSCURIDAD, dir. Jorge Sistos Moreno

Best director – Jon Bell, THE MOOGAI

Best performance – Irene Tsu and Bert Matias, ATROPHY

Best photography – Nick Morris, SUDDEN LIGHT

Better sound design – John Moros, WEEE WOOO

Most Bonkers Short – SUSHI NOH, dir. Jayden Rathsam Hua

Special Jury Prize – OTHER ORGANS, dir. Alyssa loh

“I am so grateful to everyone for watching LA OSCURIDAD,” director Jorge Sistos Moreno said of the win. “It means to me the world to receive this award from one of the scariest festivals in the world. I am very grateful to everyone who made the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival possible. It brings joy to my wicked soul and is something I will cherish during those long, cold winter nights spent at “La Oscuridad”.

“My first award for best director, I can’t really express my gratitude to Brooklyn Horror Fest,” said THE MOOGAI director Jon Bell. “Genre films can be such delicate beasts that you never really know if something will work or if it will travel. What scares Australians could easily be considered comical to American audiences. Kristina Ceyton, Taylor Goddard, Samantha Jennings, Mitch Stanley and I have done our best to make it as universal as possible, but you never know. Chelsea Lupkin, Prince Jackson and Yfke van Berckelaer, thank you very much. I have a pocket full of dreams … “

This year’s Audience Award winners for feature films and short films are:



Nightmare Fuel – THIS IS OUR HOUSE, dir. AK Espada

Head Trip – THE FAR MAN, dir. Megan Gilbert, Jill Hogan

Killed – THE COT OF LIFE, dir. Alice trueman

Home Invasion # 1 – ALWAYS TOGETHER, dir. Christophe Piazza

Home invasion # 2 – HAZEL, dir. Jordan finger

Fear in Focus: Australia – SUSHI NOH, dir. Jayden Rathsam Hua

The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival will return for its seventh edition in 2022. Watch for dates, submissions and badges announcements this winter.

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