Corrie fans believe they uncover the identity of Imran’s mysterious affair as Sabeen escalates blackmail


Coronation Street fans believe they found out who Imran Habeeb spent the night with the night of the trial verdict.

The defeated lawyer was seen riding in the back of a cab with his ex-wife Sabeen after his adopted daughter Kelly Neelan was convicted of murdering Seb Franklin.

Viewers saw nothing else until a broken Imran returned home the next day.

After being confronted by Nina Lucas, Imran was quickly informed of Kelly’s attempted suicide in prison by his girlfriend Toyah Battersby’s sister, Leanne.

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When he finally united with Toyah, Imran lied about his whereabouts and that he was sleeping in his office.

And he has continued to lie ever since.

When confronted with Toyah about his closeness to Sabeen, he once again apologized for his whereabouts on the night of the trial verdict.

During Monday night’s double bill, Sabeen revealed that it wasn’t her who he spent the night with – and blackmailed him in order to get his help in the Harvey Gaskell case.

Sabeen now blackmails Imran

With Sabeen more on the cards as Imran’s secret affair, Corrie fans think they know who it is.

“OMG Imran slept with Abi, didn’t he !! #Corrie,” one tweeted.

Another said: “If Imran and Abi slept together I would be so sick of Kevin and Toyah. #Corrie.”

“Is Abi the one Imran spent the night with then,” suggested a third.

“Who was Imran with?” Abi or Laura [Neelan]”, commented a fourth.

Another shared: “So Imran didn’t sleep with Sabeen? I think it was Abi, maybe that’s why she suddenly dumped Kevin and left because she feels guilty or worse. , he slept with Laura #Corrie. “

Fans believe Imran was with Abi

Next week, Imran is forced to reveal Sabeen’s blackmail plan and his one-night stand with a shocked Toyah.

But when she learns from Simon how Imran borrowed his phone in an attempt to find out information about Sharon, she is quietly dismayed.

When Imran is distracted by their new adopted daughter, Elsie, she steals her phone, but what does she hope to find?

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