Council seeks to write off Beaune Properties’ £100,000 debt

Debt from a former Borders property company totaling around £100,000 will be forgiven if councilors approve the plans this week.

The local authority’s executive committee is due to meet virtually at 10 a.m. on Tuesday February 8 to discuss the matter.

In 2008 an invoice was issued for around £2,000 with Beaune Properties for boarding to secure the site at Harriers Hut, Bath Street, Hawick, according to Scottish Borders Council (SBC) documents.

A further 24 invoices were issued to an account in the name of Beaune Properties Ltd from October 2008 to May 2015 for a total of nearly £100,000.

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The charges were for stabilizing an unsafe building and enforcement work at Hawick’s Wilton Mill on Commercial Road, the SBC report said.

Legal proceedings were initiated against Beaune Properties in 2010/11, with both parties advised to use mediation to avoid a full hearing of evidence.

The newspapers state: “A mediation took place in 2012 where a trained mediator oversaw the meeting. The meeting took place in the presence of senior executives of SBC and representatives of Beaune Properties.

“The agreed outcome was that Beaune Properties pay SBC the sum of £40,000 in full and final settlement of all monies due with the agreement drawn up on behalf of Beaune Properties Ltd and Beaune Properties North Limited.

“This agreement was subsequently transferred to Beaune Properties North Ltd alone and Beaune Properties Ltd was dissolved in September 2013.”

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However, despite reaching the agreement, the company failed to pay the £40,000 as the council’s demands for payment were met with responses asking for more time.

Beaune Properties North Ltd then wished to start further discussions on the agreed amount, according to the report.

The company was then dissolved in August 2016.

SBC is now seeking to write off ‘uncollectible’ debt, with the approval of elected members needed for any sum over £100,000.

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