Detective Boomrah trailer released; ‘The Missing Man’ mystery promises to be a thrilling adventure

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Detective Boomrah trailer released

The trailer for the upcoming Detective Boomrah thriller web series was released on Tuesday by Saints Art. The series would include different cases, the first being “The Missing Man,” which will be released on January 21, 2022 on YouTube. Detective Boomrah arrives just months after storyteller-turned-filmmaker Sudhanshu Rai made his acting and directorial debut with Chaipatti. In this series, Sudhanshu would play the lead role while the role of his popular partner Sam would be played by actor Raghav Jhingran.

Other actors include the cast of Chaipatti – Shobhit Sujay, Abhishek Sonpaliya and Priyanka Sarkar – as well as Akhlaq Ahmad Azad, Manisha Sharma and Garima Rai in other key roles. According to the trailer, the first case in the series involves a man who jumped off the patio of a heritage hotel but vanished into thin air. After other detectives fail to find his whereabouts, Detective Boomrah and his partner Sam begin their pursuit to unravel the mystery.

Watch the trailer here-

“Detective Boomrah is a character that I created years ago and who has since been loved by my audiences. Unlike other iconic Detective characters, he is not bound by geographic, celestial or rather, it sees beyond what others don’t even notice. The content and concept is not something seen on Indian screens before. We are sure to meet the expectations of the public and fans through the efforts that we have deployed, ”actor-director Sudhanshu Rai said.

Puneet Sharma, director of Saints Art, which produced the series, added: “Detective Boomrah as a fictional character fills the void of contemporary detectives in the literary or movement arts. Almost all of the characters we see are classic, made to fit the contemporary, but this is the first time audiences will get to know a modern sleuth and some extremely intriguing and entertaining kind of content at the same time. time . “

Sudhanshu and Puneet made history while Anant Rai is the show’s co-director and creative producer. The director of photography is Vipin Singh and Detective Boomrah is edited by Sahib Aneja. It has a captivating background score designed by Lazer X and additional music by Nikhil Patwardhan.

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