EXPLOITED (2022) Psychopathic thriller webcam reviews and preview

EXexploited is a 2022 American thriller that follows a college freshman who becomes obsessed with a missing male webcam model. He and his friends are then terrorized by a voyeuristic hacker. The film explores real-world fears such as privacy and the camera.

Directed by actor-turned-filmmaker Jon Abrahams (Clover) from a script co-written by co-producers Carl Moellenberg and Anthony DelNegro. Also produced by Shane O’Brien, Zach O’Brien and Skyler Stucky.

The film stars Sierra McCormick (We have to do something; VFW; The immensity of the night; A kind of hate), Makenzie Vega (InstaPsycho; fender bender; Seen), Will Peltz (InstaPsycho; friendless; The collection), Lea Pipes (red wedding; Devil’s hand), Spencer List, Hannah Rose May (The reminder; twisted sisters), Jordan Ver Hoeve (666: Teenage Warlock) and Colin Bates.



As freshman Brian (Jordan Ver Hoeve) checks into his dorm, he discovers a thumb drive containing the files of a former student dorm resident and a webcam model interacting with customers. He is shocked to find out that the last webcam session ends in what could be murder.

Brian soon becomes obsessed with the outcome of the story, but his quest becomes complicated when he falls in love with his roommate, who is already taken. The webcam model’s mysterious disappearance takes a dangerously voyeuristic turn when the love triangle has her life manipulated and blackmailed…


“The mystery isn’t quite fair, not that it’s interesting enough to make anyone stick with it. The acting is pretty bad and there’s a general unpleasantness to the proceedings that makes the film a chastity belt equivalent to a video. movie nation

Release date:

In the United States, Gravitas Ventures will release exploited On Demand (VOD) March 11, 2022. Meanwhile, Darklight Films is representing the film’s worldwide rights.

Cast and characters:

Sierra McCormick … Chloe
Makenzie Vega … Lexi
Does Peltz…Jacob
Leah Pipes … Doctor Walker
List Spencer … Tommy
Lisa Thornhill … Nana Marie
Hannah Rose May … Janelle
Jordan Ver Hoeve … Brian
Major Dodge … Coach Martin
Colin Bates … Caleb
Steven A. Miller … Ref Patrick
Nicolas David King … Kenny
Katherine Morgan … Tracy
Kayla Harrity … Giana
Andrew Matthew Welch … Jeremy
Eric Demont … Himself
Karl Licht … Lil Henry
Owsley Robinson … Timothy
Kyle Wallen … Grinning Greg

Technical details:

1 hour 21 minutes

Fun facts:

As an actor, director Jon Abrahams has appeared in films such as black heart killer; Appearance; Hitchcock; wax house; Meet the parents; horror movie and Faculty.


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