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“You want to be famous, don’t you?”
Am here is a 2022 American psychological thriller about an aspiring actress who responds to a mysterious classified ad. Unfortunately, she finds herself trapped in her new boss’s twisted revenge fantasy.

Directed by Sylvia Caminer – who is making her film debut – from a screenplay written by Dani Barker who is also starring.

The Classified Films-Dolger Films co-production also stars Luke Cook, Eliana Jones, Mark Moses, Lorraine Farris, Bettina Bilger, Brian Vincent, Justin L. Wilson, Sawandi Wilson and Chris Gaunt.

Plot Synopsis:
Jess Peters (Dani Barker) is a struggling actress and live streamer, known to her online followers as J-Peeps. But she’s finally found her hook: secretly filming creepy interactions she encounters via online job postings and using other people’s flaws to fuel her streaming success.

For her next episode, she was hired to write the ending to a script in a secluded, lavish cabin. Once there, Tom (Luke Cook), the handsome self-proclaimed screenwriter, hands him a script in which they are both the main characters. This client is not what he appears to be, and while the money is important, the real payment here could cost him his life…


“Ultimately, Barker’s remarkable portrayal of Jess forces us to confront our obsession with internet celebrities, as well as our own online presence. The fact that Am here manages to be fun, meta, and thought-provoking, while being a low-budget, female-led project, making it an exceptional film. 4/5 Bloody disgusting

“Barker’s performance in the film is outstanding because there are a lot of layers to Jess that we can see stripped away […] Luke Cook is pretty damn awesome in this too, and he shares amazing chemistry with Barker, and it’s really fun to watch these two actors come and go once things take a dark turn in this story. 4/5 Daily deaths

“…is it really a game or something much more dangerous?” Either way, you’ll be immensely entertained on your way to discovery. Dani Barker is great as the person guiding the audience while Luke Cook is brilliant portraying the very “quirky” Tom Brady. horror paradise

“While there are quite a few hurdles along the way, the film is entertaining and exciting enough to keep viewers interested and engaged. Add a touch of meta-humor reminiscent of Josh Ruben Scare mewhile highlighting the dangers of social media, and you have yourself a layered psychological horror movie that will have you questioning your own social media presence…” Nightmarish conjurations

“Director Sylvia Caminer does an admirable job of keeping events confusing and fast-paced, and Barker and Cook have dynamite chemistry together. Presenting that the procedural is meant to have a Hitchcockian feel to it is a very difficult task, and while Caminer and Barker don’t quite reach those heights (who does?), they’re about to flirt into Brian’s territory. From Palma…” 3.5 /5 The scariest things

Am here had its world premiere at the Fantasporto Film Festival in Portugal in April 2022.


Cast and characters:
Dani Barker … Jess Peters
Luke Cook … Tom Brady
Eliana Jones … Kai
Marc Moses … Richard
Lorraine Farris … Irina
Bettina Bilger … Liza
Brian Vincent … Matt
Justin L. Wilson … Bryan
Sawandi Wilson … Tre
Chris Gaunt … Robert
Cristala Carter … Detective Robinson
Sibyl Santiago … Jasmine
Clay Vanderbeek … Rex
Anastasia Romashko … Jess’ mother
Jean-Remy Monnay… The disheveled man
Caycee Black … Daph
Maayan Laufer … Talia
Darrell Thorne … Quasi-Queen
Charlotte Shovilin … Young Jess
Joy Decker … Neighbor
Westley Valentine … Westley

Technical details:

Job title:
Rated Killer


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