Frank Grillo’s cult horror film will be released in North America from XYZ Films

Less than two weeks ago, we shared the news that Frank Grillo (boss level) will star in the horror thriller son of man for director Remy Grillo… who is the actor’s son. Now it has been announced that XYZ Films has acquired the North American distribution rights to son of man and they plan to release the movie Later this year or sometimes in early 2023. It’s no surprise to hear that this project has already been distributed and the company wants to release the movie as soon as possible because it’s a Frank Grillo horror movie and Frank Grillo is awesome.

son of man will mark the directorial debut of Remy Grillo.

Written by Josh Plasse and Brev Moss, son of man was, according to Deadline, “inspired by occult activity in the California desert”. Filming will begin this month in Yucca Valley, California. The story is centered on

a young couple hoping to create an aesthetic audition tape for an up-and-coming Charles Manson film. But when the couple chooses an eclectic desert Airbnb as the perfect backdrop, the dark events of the audition material slowly slip into their reality. Eventually, they find themselves embroiled in the sinister plot of an occult leader.

Frank Grillo will play this cult leader (occult leader?) with a sinister plot.

XYZ’s Pip Ngo had this to say about the distribution deal:

Remy’s vision for this terrifying, grounded thriller hooked us from the start. As a company that has built its brand working with emerging genre filmmakers, we couldn’t be more excited to bring this film to audiences across North America.

Remy Grillo added:

Charles Manson is a staple of pop culture to this day. But while many stories have been told about him, XYZ Films and I wanted to explore where the children of Manson’s sequel are in modern times. There’s a dangerously close relevance between Manson’s ideology and today’s political and social atmosphere, and we think it’s time to resuscitate the conversation.

We from Dare Angel and Mi Nene, son of man is produced by Plasse, Shakira Barrera, Conor Allyn, Johnny James Fiore, Benjamin Anderson, Jake Allyn and Fabio Lo Fria. Bobby McMichael, Nida Kahl, Chido Nwokocha and Dennis Echelberger serve as executive producers.

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