Full Trailer for ‘Glorious’ – A Lovecraftian Bathroom Stand Horror Movie

Full Trailer for ‘Glorious’ – A Lovecraftian Bathroom Stand Horror Movie

by Alex Billington
August 2, 2022
Source: Youtube

“The universe has a favor to ask of you…you must satisfy my physical form.” Shudder has revealed a full official trailer for the indie horror thriller Glorious, which will air later in August on Shudder. After a brutal breakup, Wes finds himself at a remote rest stop. He finds himself locked in the bathroom with a mysterious figure speaking from an adjacent cubicle. Soon, Wes realizes that he is involved in an even more terrible situation than he could imagine. How’s that for a pitch? ! Bathroom Glory Hole Horror!! JK Simmons, which you can hear in this trailer, is the voice of “God” in the other booth. “Glorious is an intimate indie horror full of unimaginable twists and turns that boasts one of the most jaw-dropping roles of Simmons’ career. Psychedelic, comical, extremely messy, surprisingly emotionally, Glorious has all the ingredients for a future cult hit.” Ryan Kwanten. It looks crazy and messed up and insane and super fun! Invite the whole family over for a glory hole movie (not this kind of movie) night. Take a look below.

Here’s the main official trailer for Rebekah McKendry Gloriousdirectly from Shudder’s YouTube:

Official Glorious Trailer

You can rewatch McKendry’s first trailer Glorious here, to review the first preview.

Original film description from Fantasia: “When you gotta go, you gotta go. Exactly where you’re going is another matter. That’s certainly the case for the heartbroken Wes (Ryan Kwanten) who stopped to a roadside rest stop to figure out his next move in life. A night of drunken solo revelry leaves Wes with a huge hangover and a serious need to vomit, so in the dirty toilet he goes before hit the road. But whoever’s in the next booth (JK Simmons!) has a few questions for Wes. And very few answers. But what they’re telling Wes is that he’s about to become someone very important, but he can’t leave this bathroom and he’s going to have to make a big, big sacrifice.? Maybe not.” Glorious is directed by American filmmaker Rebecca McKendryfilm director All the creatures stirred and psychopathic grandmother previously, plus a number of shorts. The screenplay is written by Joshua Hull, David Ian McKendry and Todd Rigney. This recently premiered at the 2022 Fantasia Festival in Montreal. Shudder will release McKendry’s Glorious movie streaming exclusively on Shudder from August 18, 2022. Look gnarly?

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