GRAVES (2022) Action Crime Thriller Review

Fallen down is a 2022 American action thriller about a police task force hunting down an armed gang of ex-servicemen.

Written, produced, directed by and co-starred with Wilfred La Salle, making his film debut.

The La Salle Productions film also stars Shawn Black, Damir Mrkulic, James Randolph, George Sitilides, Kyle Bland, Sean Patterson and Charles Alonso.

Graves police officer Mark Brody embarks on a journey to bring criminals to justice while Michael Laforte is the alcoholic, ruthless criminal mastermind who breaks the rules.

Clyde Baxter, Matt Goldberg, Pedro Dominguez and the rest of a gang of ex-military veterans use their expertise and tactical skills to evade the law. His crew soon find themselves on a direct collision course with Special Agent Mark Brody and the Graves Task Force as the criminals hatch an elaborate plan for a series of seemingly impossible heists across the city…

Fallen down is a very low budget for an action movie (just $9,000) and it shows in terms of production issues such as muffled audio in many scenes and some very fake CGI firecrackers. Performance is also uneven. These problems could have been overlooked if the scenario was not a simple collection of snapshots. The filmmakers seem to have their hearts in the right place but, unfortunately, Fallen down is not recommended.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Fallen down is available to rent – ​​for $1.99 – or purchase via and


Cast and characters:
Shawn Black…Special Agent Mark Brody
Damir Mrkulic … Yuri Dervishi
James Randolph … Lord Mongul
George Sitilides … Tommy DiCarlo
Kyle Bland … Special Agent Isiah Butler
Wilfred La Salle … Michael Laforte
Sean Patterson … Benny Maleno
Charles Alonso … Salvatore Marchello
Christopher LaVine … Paul Marchello
Lucille Grello … Graves EMT
Malcom Davis … Officer Davis
Nicole Grello … Special Agent Nicole Grello
Joseph Rosado … Officer Rosado
Claudio Pena Claudio Pena … Officer Pena
Yanko Valentin-Perez … Pedro Dominguez
Robert Grizzaffi … Doctor
Geniuses Geniuses … Lucifer Galop
Stan Shields…Clyde Baxter
Ben Gjekaj … Assistant Jeweler
Alfredo Avila … Pete Cassello
Ernesto Gonzalez … Spider

Technical details:
1 hour 29 minutes

$9,000 (estimated)


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