HARD HIT (2021) Korean Action Thriller Reviews & News

Hard blow is a 2021 Korean action thriller about a bank manager who discovers to his horror that there is a bomb under his car seat.

Written and directed by Changju Kim, adapted from a 2015 screenplay by Alberto Marini for Punishment (original title: El desconocido).

The CJ Entertainment production stars Ji Chang-Wook, Woo-jin Jo, Haerry Kim, Ji-ho Kim, Jin Kyung, and Jae-in Lee.


VIP bank manager Sung-gyu (Woo-jin Jo) drives his daughter and son to school one morning. Along the way, a phone rings in the glove box. He is an anonymous caller who claims that there is a bomb under Sung-gyu’s seat and that if someone gets out of the car, it will explode unless Sung-gyu can pay a ransom.


What at first seems like a prank quickly turns into a nightmare on the edge of your seat. Sung-gyu must simultaneously keep his children safe, find enough money to pay the ransom and evade the police, all while trying to figure out what he has done in his past to deserve this…


“Overall, it takes a lot of suspension of disbelief, but that’s often the case in these types of movies. Audiences will forgive the premise, as long as they’re invested in what’s going on. Hard Hit is an entertaining watch that provides a much-appreciated adrenaline rush. ITPA

“…a fast-paced, stylish thriller filled with tense and unpredictable moments. The story occasionally asks you to suspend your disbelief, but once you do, it’s a fun ride that doesn’t kick into gear once the ignition starts. Asian Movie Pulse

“It’s a bit overworked at times, but that’s forgivable given the circumstances and that focus on emotions works in its favour. Changju Kim’s film follows the responses of an ordinary man, allowing the audience to understand his situation. It might not do Hard blow the most technologically daring blockbuster, yet it makes for an engrossing ride. Backseat Mafia

To free:

The film was released in South Korea on June 23, 2021.

Released in the United States on Blu-Ray, DVD and On demand by Mpi Home Video on February 22, 2022.

Cast and characters:

Ji Chang-Wook … Jin Woo
Woo-jin Jo … Sung-gyu
Haerry Kim … television journalist
Ji-ho Kim … Yeon Soo
Jin Kyung … Ban
Jae-in Lee … Hye In
Seung-su Ryu … Chief of Police

Original title:


Fun facts:

This Korean thriller is a remake of the Spanish film Punishment (original title: El desconocido, 2015). The same story was filmed in Germany as No. To have. Outside! (Steig. Night. Aus!, 2018). An American remake of the Spanish original titled Punishment with Liam Neeson in the lead role is also apparently planned.

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

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