Here are some thrillers you must watch

Here are some movies that will keep your eyes on the screen.

Ulidavaru Kandante (2014)

Is it black, white or a shade of gray? This thriller by Rakshit Shetty deals with the different angles and perspectives involved in a murder case. The film is set in the virgin town of Malpe, Karnataka. It’s a mind-boggling anthology that is
sure to have you at the edge of your seat.

RangiTaranga (2015)

What happens when your whole life turns out to be a lie? Are you a simple puppet or at the mercy of fate? The twists and turns of “RangiTaranga” will give you goosebumps as the protagonist goes on a journey to find out what is going on. It’s as strange as it gets. Night watch, are you interested?

U-turn (2016)

Have you ever taken a wrong turn or taken shortcuts to cut through the city’s booming traffic? The film follows a journalist. Things take a turn for the worse when murders start to take place in her trail.

Gulto (2018)

The film tells the story of an IT employee who gets caught up in a cybercrime affair while trying to start his own business.

Kavaludaari (2019)

A retired traffic cop and policeman join forces to unravel the
mystery of three skulls found near a subway construction site. The Hemanth Rao-directed film stars Roshni Prakash, Anant Nag and Achyutha Kumar in the lead roles.

Bell Bottom: The Adventures of Detective Divakar (2019)

Set in the ’80s, this Rishab Shetty movie, “Bell Bottom,” is a Kannada thriller you can’t miss if you’re a James Bond fan. It follows the case of the serial theft of a police station. The film was directed by Jayatheertha.

Mister (2020)

Starring Prajwal Devraj, this 2020 film centers around the illegal egg mafia and a man with Sleeping Beauty syndrome. He’s an artist with added suspense.

The list would remain incomplete without two of Rajkumar’s classics:

Goadalli CID 999 (1968)

Goa, spy and thriller. What a combination! “Goadalli CID 999” created a generation of thriller fans. Add this ‘Namma James Bond’ movie to your watchlist.

Gandhada Gudi (1973)

One of Rajkumar’s most memorable films, ‘Gandhada Gudi’ was directed by Vijay and stars Vishnuvardhan and MP Shankar among others. The film follows Forester Kumar in his attempt to protect natural resources from poachers. Anand, the main antagonist, is later revealed to be Kumar’s brother.

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