HOLLAND, MICHIGAN (2023) Preview of Nicole Kidman’s Hitchcock thriller

Nicole Kidman in The man from the north (2022)

Holland, Michigan is a 2023 thriller about a woman who suspects her husband is cheating on her and gets into his own business. However, she gradually learns the true and dark secret life of her husband. The plot, set in the titular Midwestern city, is described as having a “Hitchcock bend” by Deadline

Nicole Kidman, recently on screen in The man from the northsigned on for the lead role.

Directed by Mimi Cave (Costs) from a screenplay written by Andrew Sodroski (Manhunt). Produced by Kidman, Peter Dealbert and Per Saari for Amazon Studios and Blossom Films. Executive produced by Kate Churchill.

Andrew Sodroski’s spec script topped Hollywood’s blacklist in 2013 and was picked up by Amazon Studios in 2016.

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Source: Deadline

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