Is Mike Flanagan behind Kate Siegel’s upcoming horror film, “Hypnotic”?


At this point, it could easily be said that Kate Siegel is celebrating Halloween in style this year with her lead roles this past fall. The Midnight Mass The actress is already set to appear in another upcoming horror thriller, which will be released in October on Netflix.

Kate will be playing in Hypnotic as a young woman suffering from anxiety. When she seeks to consult with a reputable hypnotist, she gets far more than she anticipated, as these seemingly therapeutic trances put her right in the middle of his deadly machinations.

Hypnotic will also star Jason O’Mara, Dulé Hill and Lucie Guest. The film is scheduled to air on October 27.

Kate Siegel will be present for the film, but is she joined by her frequent filming partner, Mike Flanagan?

Is Mike Flanagan directing Kate Siegel in ‘Hypnotic’?

Used to horror, Kate Siegel has appeared in several scary films and series in the past. Most often, her horror projects are closely linked to her husband, filmmaker Mike Flanagan.

The couple received high praise for their work on Silence, a 2016 horror film revolving around a deaf woman (played by Kate) trying to survive a home invasion. They released other horror movies after Silence, such as Ouija: Origin of Evil later the same year and Gerald’s game in 2017.

Kate and Mike would be critically acclaimed when they starred and directed in the 2018 Netflix series respectively The Haunting of Hill House. The horror series about a family in the grip of the lingering trauma of living in a haunted house has been praised for its acting and directing, and it has further strengthened their shared reputation as masters of horror in Hollywood. . Of course, they wouldn’t stop there.

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They would collaborate again on a spiritual sequel to Hill House called The Haunting of Bly’s Mansion, although Kate only has one guest appearance. More recently they were once again receiving praise for Midnight Mass, the 2021 Netflix horror miniseries about a small island town divided by a strange priest and a young man who returns in shame.

In each of these projects, Mike directed and Kate portrayed various characters (although Kate does share writer’s credit with him on Silence).

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