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“We realized that writing a series is a totally different ballgame than writing a movie,” Gayatri said of writing the eight-part Amazon series Suzhal.

The directorial duo Pushkar and Gayatri, who achieved the massive success Vikram Vedahave written, created and produced Suzhal (The Vortex), an upcoming original series from Amazon Prime Video India.

Suzhal, a Tamil web series, is an investigative thriller that revolves around the disappearance of a young girl in a small industrial town in Tamil Nadu and is directed by Bramma and Anucharan M. The long-running series releases on Amazon on June 17 in 30 languages in the world . Starring Kathir, Aishwarya Rajesh, Sriya Reddy, R Parthiban and others, the series could be the start of something new in the Indian OTT space.

Pushkar and Gayatri have dedicated the past two and a half years to this project and are now eagerly awaiting the public reaction to their work. Ask Gayatri if Suzhal was going to change the way Indian web series are perceived and she smiles and replies, “We hope so! Although there have been a few web series that have been edited on a large scale with a great story, most of our series are like a poor cousin of cinema and an alternative to television. Most consumption is done over the phone. What we hope to do is bring the experience of “cinematic television”! We hope people don’t watch it on their commute or kill time waiting… instead make an appointment with their TV to watch it Suzhal.

Although the husband-wife duo are directing themselves, for this project they have tapped national award-winning director Bramma (Kuttram Kadithal) and Anucharan M (Kirumi) to helm this eight-part series. Writing and directing OTT content differs from that of movies and Pushkar and Gayatri have acknowledged this and are clear that these roles should ideally not be combined. Pushkar believes the talent in the Tamil film industry is immense and it is important for people to collaborate rather than take on all the roles themselves. “We admire the work done by Bramma and Anucharan and thought they would be perfect to lead this series,” he added.

The original idea for this series came to them around 2015 when they read an article in a newspaper and they believed that they would have the opportunity to create a series from it one day. However, creating an eight-part long series isn’t quite as simple either, says Gayatri, given that it involves working three or four feature films in a single project. And there would have been many challenges to this great project. “The challenge was definitely the writing! We realized that writing a series is a completely different ballgame than writing a film. Writing long forms requires a broader skill set, more discipline, and lots and lots of time. It was challenging but fun! she underlines.

Although the series is set in a small town in Tamil Nadu and is extremely localized, Suzhal’s team believe that the story it tells and the characters involved would resonate with global audiences as the story is universal. For the first time, a Tamil web series is released simultaneously in 30 languages ​​across the world and this is a momentous occasion not only for the team of Suzhal but also for the Tamil film industry. OTT paved the way for new stories and also provided opportunities for new talent. So are Pushkar and Gayatri creating a new wave of OTT content? “We are excited and curious to know how it would play out. But it’s actually Amazon creating a new wave with its strong belief in the content and bringing the series to a global audience,” smiles Gayatri.

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