Kmart moms baffled by mysterious black mark on $27 foster doll

A $27 doll has sparked an online investigation after a mother turned to Facebook for help identifying the flaw. Do you know what this is?

A concerned mum has sparked a social media storm after she shared a photo of a ‘mysterious black mark’ that appeared on her daughter’s Kmart doll.

The strange spot appeared on the back of the toy’s head with seemingly no explanation as to how it got there.

After turning to the internet for help identifying what might have caused the mark, the mother was encouraged to conduct a full-scale investigation that included a cut in the doll’s head.

However, the woman and the 380,000 members of the Kmart fan group she posted in are still no closer to identifying the brand.

Can you help solve the mystery?

The bizarre chain of events began when the puzzled mother turned to Kmart Hacks & Decor for help.

“Does anyone have this doll?” Random black mark appeared on back of head (definitely not pen/paint etc),” she wrote on the Facebook page.

“I wonder if it’s a burn mark and something wrong with the mechanism inside that makes the doll ‘talk’.

“It started out pretty small but gradually got bigger. No smells or anything.

Her concern was so great that she admitted she was “considering opening it up to get a better look”, in case the mark was a sign of something sinister inside.

Hundreds of Facebook users responded, equally concerned about what the brand might be.

“That’s pretty scary. Mold or burn marks….either way, not good. Can’t wait to hear the outcome,” one mum wrote.

“I opened one years ago for this reason and found it was full of mould. Quite concerning! another added.

Many implored the woman to “perform surgery” on the doll in an effort to solve the mystery.

“I’ve never been so invested in a doll story before, but at the same time I have a strange impatience to want to see her head cut open,” one person admitted.

“Open it already, the suspense kills me,” agreed another.

As one joked, “This post has been more intriguing than watching Netflix!”

Eventually, the mum updated the band, revealing that she had “cut it” but was “still unsure” of the black mark.

“The mark doesn’t move when cleaned, it certainly doesn’t look like mold either, so [it is] another mystery!” she said.

She went on to say that she ruled out as many possibilities as she could, but was still completely baffled.

“My little one didn’t drag it on the floor but pretty much threw it around. Maybe left it in direct sunlight? I’m as puzzled as you guys are! has contacted Kmart for comment.

The $27 toy, called “Nurturing Doll” on Kmart’s website, has a 4.9-star rating on the brand’s website, with reviews describing it as a “hit” with toddlers.

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