Mandy Director teams up with A24 for a new sci-fi horror film

After directing Nicolas Cage in the sleeper hit Mandy, Panos Cosmatos returns with a new sci-fi horror film in partnership with arthouse studio A24.

Panos Cosmatos will continue its dormant hit of 2018 mandy with another original horror film, Nekrokosmin partnership with A24. mandy was a vehicle for Nicolas Cage’s on-screen madness, something he aims to channel again in the next film Renfield like Dracula, although in a slightly different way. Cage surprised audiences with his visceral performance in the psychedelic revenge thriller, and Cosmatos became something of a darling in unconventional filmmaking circles almost overnight. The director took about eight years to realize his vision of mandy but is looking to finish his next project much faster than that.


According to THR, Cosmatos will team up with arthouse studio A24 for its follow-up. He will also reunite with Nate Bolotin and his production company, XYZ Films, who worked with Cosmatos on the 2018 films. mandy. Corn NekrokosmPlot details are currently under wraps, it is said to be a “spooky fantasy nightmare“about a pair of lovers in a strange galaxy separated by an invasion. This is not the mandy sequel that Cosmatos teased, but Nekrokosm Already looks like it will be an odd undertaking for the director and A24, who have more than leaned into the weirder side of cinema.

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Cosmatos will be a partner on Nekrokosm with Counterpart writer Maegan Houang, who will write the screenplay based on a story conceived by the two filmmakers. No other details for the sci-fi/fantasy/horror movie are yet available but will surely emerge as production gets underway. Until then, Cosmatos makes his small-screen debut as an episode director on Guillermo del Toro Cabinet of Curiosities, a new horror anthology series. Meanwhile, A24 is only becoming more and more established in the Hollywood box office landscape, having released Ti West’s Xand is ready to go out Everything everywhere all at once, Men, and several other films this year. Look for more information on Nekrokosm as it develops.

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Source: THR

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