Meet Mystery Series Author Lisa Fantino at the Beach Haven Library

THE ART OF CRIME: Lisa Fantino will discuss and sign copies of her book, The Costa Affair, the second in her detective series Detective Maggie Flynn, at the Beach Haven Library. (Photo by Chris LoBue)

When it comes to writing, author Lisa Fantino finds Long Beach Island to be the perfect place, especially during the fall and spring “shoulder seasons” when she can get a bit more peace and quiet. of tranquility.

An LBI vacationer for over 40 years, Fantino recently announced the release of Costa case. This is the sequel to Fracturethe first book in her Detective Maggie Flynn mystery series.

In The Costa Affair, Maggie is thrust into a world of unimaginable richness where priceless art changes hands with the stroke of a hammer. Beneath the veneer of elegance, however, lies a transatlantic criminal world where business is negotiated in blood and art is used to evade taxes and launder drug money. Is Costa connected? Nosy NYPD detectives who get too close are in grave peril.

Fantino will discuss his new book and sign copies at the Beach Haven Public Library on Saturday, May 21 at 2 p.m. Copies of the book will be on sale.

She began writing the book during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It took about six months to sketch and 14 months to write,” she said. “It may sound ridiculous to readers, but the one thing I’ve learned is that your outline should be longer than your manuscript. The story just flows accordingly.

The author, who is a lawyer in New York and has also worked as a journalist, said she developed an interest in writing from an early age.

“My parents shaped my journey more than they could have ever imagined,” she said. “For my second Christmas, Father Christmas, mum and dad gave me a typewriter and a tape recorder. There was no turning back once I learned to read and write. I used to create stories using the tape recorder, but once I learned to read and write, I typed them up and made little books. Saturdays were spent watching black-and-white mystery novels with my dad, who also nurtured my reading habit by buying me a Nancy Drew book every Saturday afternoon. My path was traced, no real choice in the matter, and I would not like it to be otherwise.

As a child, Fantino thinks she probably “read every Nancy Drew mysteries that Carolyn Keene ever wrote.”

“I don’t remember reading many other authors that stuck with me until I got to college, where I was a lit-com major,” she said. “So if I wasn’t reading the classics or the romantic poets for homework, I’d turn to the exact opposite and read the mystery novels of Mary Higgins Clark and Anne Perry, my two favorite novelists for a very long time and probably still today. today, even though I love James Patterson and John Hart just as much – in a different way, of course.

She said her target readers are anyone who watches crime dramas, mystery and suspense films, thinking they’d probably enjoy thrillers.

“Sometimes they’re tied in a nice neat bow, and other times they’re messy, but that’s life,” she said.

—Eric Englund

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