Mysterious RM50 depot sees factory worker fined


An Indonesian factory worker named Kris Dayanti was fined RM80 by a district court in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, for failing to give a reason for the RM50 which was deposited into his bank account in last July after an investigation into a sexual blackmail case involving a teenager, K! Online reported.

Magistrate Mohd Shazmeer Zamhari imposed the fine after Kris, 22, pleaded guilty.

She faces 10 years imprisonment if she does not pay the fine.

Police say they received a report from a 16-year-old, who claimed he was threatened and forced to pay a sum of money if he did not want his nude video shared by a woman he said. got to know through MiChat.

The victim contacted the woman on July 27 last year before interacting through a WhatsApp video chat.

The teenager was then threatened and asked to transfer 50 RM the same day before being asked to bank an additional 500 RM.

> Ameera Khan, the younger sister of Malaysian actress and entrepreneur Neelofa, has been criticized by Malaysian Film Producers Association president Panchacharam Nalliah after she recorded a clip of the film House of Gucci in theaters and uploaded it to his Instagram story.

He said that while it was not a local film, its actions brought shame on the country, which could affect the creative arts industry.

“We must respect and take care of our nation’s good reputation. When such an incident did occur, the film distributors would be informed and this would be indirectly linked to Malaysia.

“When such an irresponsible act involves a celebrity, the problem becomes more serious,” he told BH Online.

Pansha said he hopes celebrities and social media influencers will reflect on the consequences of their actions.

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