Mystery! Urmila suspects Karishma

Bombay : Sab TV’s “Maddam Sir” is about a police station run by female officer Haseena Malik. The show is doing incredibly well with a strong storyline that consists of local to national crimes. The show is great with its thriller, action, and comedy in situations that show both inside and outside of the police station.

The upcoming story of SAB TV’s “Maddam Sir” is brewing with some interesting drama.

According to the current storyline, Urmila marks her sudden entry into the life of Karishma and the police chief Pushpa.

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Karishma and Police Chief Pushpa try to convince Urmila to come to Lucknow.

Urmila denies it and they try to make her understand in her language.

Urmila threatens Karishma to leave Lucknow and return to Mumbai.

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In the next episode, Urmila, as SHO Haseena Malik hears Karishma Singh talking to someone on the phone.

She finds the conversation a little suspicious.

Who was Karishma talking to and, more importantly, what?

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