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Netflix and the 3 thrillers to watch today

If you like strong emotions, today we present 3 thriller films within the famous Platform from Netflix so you can watch them alone or with someone during those days.

Despite the diversity of alternatives on the market for Diffusion, the Netflix platform continues to be one of the most demanded platforms in the world, primarily because it is committed to delivering the best movie releases, from the newest to the classics.

Note that since the arrival of the health crisis caused by the virus, more often than not, people wonder what they can see on the streaming giant, Netflix, where they can find a wide variety of films of various themes. and genres.

And in fact, faced with sites that represent the competition, such as Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Paramount plus, among others, the company Netflix is ​​now looking for a way to stand out from other platforms that also offer entertainment.

That is why we will cite a total of three films that stood out for their content full of strong emotions, because these are films that stood out on the platform as thriller films with good ratings by critics. specialized.



Ttuvo was created on Wednesday September 22nd and quickly succeeded in positioning itself as one of the most intriguing and mysterious dealers of the moment.

Follow the story of a married couple who want to start a new life far from the complications and bad memories they experienced in Boston.

This is how the couple manages to find the house of their dreams, located very far from civilization; her husband is an architect, who designed this house for them, where everything goes very well at the beginning.

However, after the move, everything starts to get complicated and to disturb the peace of the said couple, since one night they receive a visit which worries the family.

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It follows the story of Bill Marks, an alcoholic man who entered the air force service after being fired from the police force; this is how the man travels in a Boeing 767 plane from New York to London on a British Airlines flight.



This is an American remake of the thriller “Danish”, and according to expert critics, it is a film that combines various emotions, among which drama, action and adrenaline stand out in each of its scenes. .

This movie takes place over the course of a morning, and while that premise might sound boring, the truth is, critics say it’s a pretty exciting movie.

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