Netflix’s new Nordic mystery and suspense series that will make you forget about Mindhunter completely


Mystery and suspense are two great cinematic genres that tend to be related in certain productions and leave the viewer with a really positive outcome, provided they are backed up by a good script. This was the case with Spirit hunter, a series that has captivated the whole world, but which will now have a new opponent also on the streaming service Netflix.

The 1970s show about agents interviewing serial killers ended abruptly for fans after its second season for now. Its director and executive producer, David FincherHe said that for the audience they had it was a very expensive program, although so far a cancellation has never been announced and is expected to return at some point.

+ The Nordic series that will make you forget Mindhunter

While waiting for news of the aforementioned fiction, we announce that new content in this style will arrive on the platform. Is about The unlikely murderer O The unlikely killer in Latin America, a Swedish series which is based on one of the most resounding crimes of the 80s in the Nordic region. Without a doubt, one of the most interesting releases of the month on Netflix.

What is it about? This refers to his synopsis: “This is a fictional interpretation of how Stig Engström, the graphic designer considered the possible assassin of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, managed to escape justice until his death thanks to a combination of daring and luck. and confusion of the police. What do we know about Stig Engström? How could the police let him escape, despite his stalking? The murder was not well planned, Engström did everything wrong from the start and hardly anyone believed his alibis for that fateful night of 1986 in Stockholm (Sweden) ”.

The unlikely killer will be part of the streaming service from this Friday, November 5, with a season consisting of only 5 episodes of one hour each, so you can take advantage of the weekend to watch it. This cute mini-series that we will be talking about in the coming weeks stars Björn Bengtsson, Joel Spira Shanti Roney, Torkel Petersson, Emil Almén and Eva Melander.

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