Netflix’s New Vampire Horror Movie To Top The Charts


A new film is topping the charts on Netflix today, perhaps indicating the public’s thirst to see Megan Fox in horror roles, including Night teeth is one of two such films on the streaming platform.

Although the film received a poor response from critics, including our own review, the film apparently ranks number one on the streaming platform around the world, according to FlixPatrol. In the United States, the film landed first for Netflix films on October 21 and remains dominant today.

The film is about a student moonlighting as a driver, played by Jorge Lendeborg Jr., who picks up two mysterious women for a night out in Los Angeles. However, he must fight to stay alive when he discovers their bloodthirsty intentions and their dangerous and dark underworld.

The film stars Debby Ryan, Lucy Fry, Raul Castillo, and Megan Fox, among others.

In our review of the film, we recognized that Night teeth has a relatively unique take on vampire lore with sleek visuals and effects, but fails to execute, resulting in a forgettable action thriller.

As Fry’s Coe and Ryan’s Blair find Benny’s first student vampire, Fox makes an appearance as the vampire in a single exhibition scene.

Much more critically acclaimed Megan Fox thriller Until death is also available on Netflix right now and features an imposing and prominent performance by the actress, who plays the protagonist. Sadly, there are no vampires in this movie, but it does feature an intense, wintry-setting story.

If you are still curious to check out Night teeth, however, it’s available now on Netflix.

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