NIGHTRIDE (2021) Reviews of Netflix’s one-shot crime thriller

‘A deal. A night. A shot.’

Night walk is a 2021 crime thriller about a drug dealer trying to land one last job to get right.

Directed by Stephen Fingleton from a screenplay written by Ben Conway. Produced by Céline Dornier, Paul Kennedy, Jon Silk and Benedict Turnbull.

The British-French-American production stars Moe Dunford, Joana Ribeiro, Gerard Jordan, Ciaran Flynn, John Travers, Stephen Rea and Andrew Simpson.



Night walk is an hour and a half thrilling and full of tension. It has fantastic visuals and music that make the film stand out, and lead actor Dunford does a really good job of keeping the audience engaged throughout. His ability to hold the camera’s attention throughout the film is excellent. His story is the engine of the film. 3/5 Disappointment Media

“There’s a propelling and driving force in the way the film is made, but there are some things that don’t follow entirely: its putative associate in the garage […] serves the intrigue function of a spouse or romantic partner, and I wonder if it’s plausible that a drug dealer of Budge’s notoriety thinks he can just quit and become a civilian in the same city. The Guardian

“The plot of Night walk is little more than an assemblage of stock types […] The one-shot gimmick – much easier to do now thanks to digital cameras – has become mainstream enough to barely qualify again […] there is a kind of “Look, mom, no hands!” braggadocio to this technique which smacks of unnecessary show, drawing attention to the aptitude of the filmmaker to the detriment of the characters and the story. The New York Times

“…the most exciting part of Night walk wasn’t even planned! The police actually arrest Dunford, and the actor who is more than halfway through that drill is forced to improve his way back on the road. It’s absolutely fascinating and a testament to Dunford’s performance abilities. Otherwise, Fingleton’s ambitious criminal hug is a bit of a siesta. Wylie writes

Cast and characters (in credits order):

Moe Dunford … Moving
Joana Ribeiro … Sofia
Gerard Jordan … Troy
Ciaran Flynn … Erudite
John Travers … Left-Handed
Stephen Rea … Joe
Andrew Simpson … Felix
Ellie O’Halloran … Because
Aaron McCusker … Ringo
Desmond Eastwood … Magic Shop (voice)
Paul Kennedy … Graham
Stephen Fingleton … Beaker
Matthew Kaufman … GPS Navigator (voice)
Michael Shea … Detective Inspector McQueen

Technical details:

1 hour 37 minutes


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